Father: John George LABRUM (*29 Nov 1849 +10 Mar 1934)
Mother: Ann Elizabeth WHEELER (*17 Jan 1856 +15 Dec 1932)

Thomas Orren LABRUM (*15 Jan 1884 +28 Aug 1950)

Wife 1 : Evelyn May PEARSE
  1. +Orren Pearse LABRUM (*11 Feb 1912 +6 Jan 1990)
  2. +Eileen LABRUM (*4 May 1913 +1 Aug 1991)
  3. +Trevor John LABRUM (*1 Nov 1914 +27 Jun 1988)
  4. +Evelyn LABRUM (*6 Feb 1916 +13 Mar 1990)
  5. +Avon Ann LABRUM (*3 Dec 1917 +20 Nov 1995)
  6. +Mavis LABRUM (*9 Oct 1919 +5 Dec 1997)
  7. +George Wheeler LABRUM (*19 Oct 1921 +13 Feb 2000)
  8.  Melvin Pearse LABRUM (*24 Feb 1923 +25 Mar 1924)
Wife 2 : Pearl Nichols PLAYER
  1. +Gerald Nichols LABRUM (*24 Jul 1928 +20 Jun 1996)
  2. +Velda LABRUM (Private)
  3. +Marie Beverly LABRUM (Private)
  4. +Janet LABRUM (Private)
  5. +Orren Kent LABRUM (Private)
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                                              _Henry George LABRUM _+
                          _Thomas LABRUM ____|
                         |                   |_Elizabeth DICKENS ___
 _John George LABRUM ____|
|                        |                    ______________________
|                        |_Elizabeth GEORGE _|
|                                            |______________________
|--Thomas Orren LABRUM 
|                                             ______________________
|                         ___________________|
|                        |                   |______________________
|_Ann Elizabeth WHEELER _|
                         |                    ______________________

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[21428] [Ann Wheeler onwards.FTW]

Bishop of Bennion, Cottonwood Stake, Utah 1928 to 1930+.  Ordained Elder
04 Jun 1906 by H.T. Godfrey.  Ordained a High Priest 22 Mar 1919 by James E.
Talmadge.  He was set apart as a Bishop 20 Feb 1928 by Orson F. Whitney.
     Filled a mission to New Zealand 1906 to 1909.  This is where he met his
first wife, Evelyn May Pearse, and converted her and her family to the gospel.
Upon arriving back from his mission, he sent for her to come to the United
States to be his wife.
From Pearse Book by Hyrum Bristow Wheelwright (pub. July 1975), pg. 85 (in
possession of Kathy Williams Chatterton):
     On 28 Aug 1950, Thomas Orren Labrum died quickly and suddenly, in the
field of his farm that he loved, of a coronary occlusion.
     Crowds were turned away from his funeral, and the Bennion ward meeting
house was full to overflowing with mourners.
     A motorcycle escort accompanied the longest Cortege the mortuary had ever
witnessed from the Church in Bennion to the Murray City Cemetary.  He will
ever be remembered by all who knew him.
     This man was a man loved by his family and the community as well. He was
a man who never spoke unkindly of anyone.
     His home was one of peace and quiet, never raising his voice to scold or
reprimand.  He would romp and play with the children when they were young.  So
often the family would go for a ride in their car and he would tell them about
nature--of canyons, of formations of mountains, of land, lakes, rivers and
streams, of cloud formation, of sky, of the lovely sunsets, of sweet
experiences in New Zealand, which he called "God's Country", and of his home
and family life in South Cottonwood, Utah.
     His life had been one of service and quiet example to his family, and his
Church.  He was a man of God who loved the gospel and his family.
BURIAL: Marker is in furthest Northeast section towards the front road, mid
section.  Marker has Evelyn May Pierce and Pearl N. next to his with big
family marker of LABRUM directly west of headstones.  Plot number 01 029 1.

[21424] [S542] Ann Wheeler onwards.FTW

[21425] [S542] Ann Wheeler onwards.FTW

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[21427] [S542] Ann Wheeler onwards.FTW

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