Father: Thomas Orren LABRUM (*15 Jan 1884 +28 Aug 1950)
Mother: Evelyn May PEARSE (*20 Jan 1889 +16 Oct 1924)

Eileen LABRUM (*4 May 1913 +1 Aug 1991)

Husband 1 : Homer B POULSEN
  1. +Evelyn POULSEN (Private)
  2. +Merleen POULSEN (Private)
  3. +Peggy POULSEN (Private)
  4. +Gordon Labrum POULSEN (Private)
  5. +Roger Labrum POULSEN (Private)
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                                                 _Thomas LABRUM ____+
                        _John George LABRUM ____|
                       |                        |_Elizabeth GEORGE _
 _Thomas Orren LABRUM _|
|                      |                         ___________________
|                      |_Ann Elizabeth WHEELER _|
|                                               |___________________
|--Eileen LABRUM 
|                                                ___________________
|                       ________________________|
|                      |                        |___________________
|_Evelyn May PEARSE ___|
                       |                         ___________________

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[21446] From Pearse Book by Hyrum B. Wheelwright(published July 1975, pg. 92:
     Eileen came to live in Ogden to attend Weber State College.  She lived
with the Hyrum B. Wheelwright family.  She earned her Associate of Science
Degree at Weber.  While in Ogden, she met Homer B. Poulsen who was raised in
Plain City, Utah.  They were married in Salt Lake and then came to make their
home in Ogden.  They have five children of whom they are very proud. Homer
has recently retired from the Defense Depot in Ogden as a fireman, but he is
really a jack of all trades.  He can do most anything and each summer he
raises a fine garden and Eileen preserves the fruits and vegetables. Homer is
also a carpenter and supervised the building of their home which is especially
designed for Eileen.  Homer and Eileen enjoy visiting with their children.
They go to California and Washington to visit those who live out of the area.
Their grandchildren are all good looking and enjoyable to be around.  A visit
with Eileen and Homer will bring out the pictures that verify that fact.

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