Ann Elizabeth WHEELER (*17 Jan 1856 +15 Dec 1932)

Husband 1 : John George LABRUM
  1.  Ann Elizabeth LABRUM (*6 Oct 1874 +6 Oct 1874)
  2.  Eva Ann LABRUM (*4 Apr 1876 )
  3.  Sarah Isabella LABRUM (*30 Jan 1878 +25 May 1959)
  4. +John Wilford LABRUM (*22 Feb 1880 +28 Jun 1956)
  5.  Lula Eugenia LABRUM (*16 Apr 1882 +30 May 1968)
  6. +Thomas Orren LABRUM (*15 Jan 1884 +28 Aug 1950)
  7.  Jane Leone LABRUM (*7 Mar 1886 +28 Mar 1886)
  8. +George Feramorz LABRUM (*7 Oct 1887 +31 Jan 1969)
  9. +Rulon Henry LABRUM (*17 Mar 1890 +14 Oct 1975)
  10.  Mabel Grace LABRUM (*14 Jun 1892 +12 Sep 1968)
  11.  Leslie Fern LABRUM (*20 Aug 1894 +10 Dec 1981)
  12.  Alta LABRUM (*17 Oct 1897 +17 Oct 1897)
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DUP OBITUARY:  Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Walker Labrum, 76, wife of John George
Labrum of South Cottonwood, died at her home Thursday at 8:50 p.m. of
infirmities incident to age.  She was born in South Cottonwood on January 17,
1856, the daughter of Thomas A. and Ann Wheeler, and had resided there
throughout her life.
During her life she had been active in L.D.S. church circles, and prior to her
marriage, on December 9, 1872, Mrs. Labrum was secretary of the South
Cottonwood ward Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association.  She had been
for six years secretary of the was Relief Society and had acted as president
of the Relief Society for 17 years.
Last Friday friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Labrum celebrated the
sixtieth anniversary of the couple's marriage at the home.  She was the mother
of 12 children, nine of whom survive:  Mrs. Eva E. McCloy, Mrs. Sarah I.
Powell, John W. Labrum, Mrs. Lula E. Shaw, Thomas O. Labrum, George F. Labrum,
Rulon H. Labrum, Mrs. Mabel Fisher and Mrs. Fern L. Walker, all of Salt Lake.
Thirty three grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren also survive.
Funeral services for Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Wheeler Labrum, 76, wife of John
Labrum and well known Church worker of South Cottonwood ward chapel. Burial
will take place in the Murray City cemetery.
President Henry D. Moyle of the L.D.S. Cottonwood Stake, John B. Erekson,
Willard Burton, and Mrs. Asa Reynolds spoke at funeral services for Mrs. Ann
Elizabeth Wheeler Labrum, wife of John Labrum, prominent Salt Lake County
citizen.  The services were held in the South Cottonwood L.D.S. ward chapel,
Sunday, with Bishop James T. Erekson Jr. in charge.
BURIAL: Murray City Cemetery plot number 01 029 7.

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