Father: Thomas Orren LABRUM (*15 Jan 1884 +28 Aug 1950)
Mother: Evelyn May PEARSE (*20 Jan 1889 +16 Oct 1924)

George Wheeler LABRUM (*19 Oct 1921 +13 Feb 2000)

Wife 1 : Betty Jean NAGLE
  1. +Suzanne LABRUM (Private)
  2. +Anonymous (Private)
  3. +Nadine Evelyn LABRUM (Private)
  4. +Alene LABRUM (Private)
  5. +Thomas Nagle LABRUM (Private)
  6.  Melvin Nagle LABRUM (Private)
  7.  Joslyn LABRUM (*21 Feb 1957 +13 May 1997)
  8.  David Nagle LABRUM (Private)
  9.  Evelyn LABRUM (Private)
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                                                 _Thomas LABRUM ____+
                        _John George LABRUM ____|
                       |                        |_Elizabeth GEORGE _
 _Thomas Orren LABRUM _|
|                      |                         ___________________
|                      |_Ann Elizabeth WHEELER _|
|                                               |___________________
|--George Wheeler LABRUM 
|                                                ___________________
|                       ________________________|
|                      |                        |___________________
|_Evelyn May PEARSE ___|
                       |                         ___________________

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From Pearse Book by Hyrum B. Wheelwright (pub. July 1975), page 109:
     George is a very talented individual.  In his free time, he tinkers with
automobiles.  He is a good mechanic and body repairman.
He is a jeweler by trade, a true expert when it comes to setting stones in
jewelry.  He is such an expert, that L.G. Balfour employs him to do all their
work.  They wanted him to move back East, but after visiting where they wanted
him, at their expense, he told them he would stay in Salt Lake City, so they
send all their work to him.
     He and his wife, Jeanne, have raised a large family.  His sense of humor
is priceless.  It is never a dull moment in their home.
    He has been active in the L.D.S. Church all his life.  He has worked in
every organization from the Sunday School Superintendent to the Ward Clerk to
serving as a Stake Missionary.

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