Father: Thomas Orren LABRUM (*15 Jan 1884 +28 Aug 1950)
Mother: Evelyn May PEARSE (*20 Jan 1889 +16 Oct 1924)

Orren Pearse LABRUM (*11 Feb 1912 +6 Jan 1990)

Wife 1 : Wanda HEMINGWAY
  1. +Orren Hemingway LABRUM (Private)
  2. +Patricia Hemingway LABRUM (*12 Mar 1939 +27 Oct 1999)
  3. +Joseph H LABRUM (Private)
Wife 2 : Reita Anone Ward SPACKMAN

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                                                 _Thomas LABRUM ____+
                        _John George LABRUM ____|
                       |                        |_Elizabeth GEORGE _
 _Thomas Orren LABRUM _|
|                      |                         ___________________
|                      |_Ann Elizabeth WHEELER _|
|                                               |___________________
|--Orren Pearse LABRUM 
|                                                ___________________
|                       ________________________|
|                      |                        |___________________
|_Evelyn May PEARSE ___|
                       |                         ___________________

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Taken from Pearse Book by Hyrum B. Wheelwright, pg. 90:
On February 11, 1911 in Bennion, Salt Lake, Utah, a son was born to
Thomas Orren and Evelyn May Pearse Labrum. Twenty three months later, March
24,1913, another couple, John Thomas and Miriam Adair Hemingway, gave birth to
a baby girl. These two people, Orren Pearse Labrum and Wanda Hemingway, were
destined to become husband and wife.
As a child, Orren was active in the Scouting program. He attended
Plymouth Elementary and Plymouth Jr. High School, and Granite High School and
finally he attended the University of Utah night school.
He began working with O.C. Tanner Company right after its inception.
Many of the machines and tools used there were designed by him. Today O.C.
Tanner is a very large and prosperous company.
During his life he has been involved in many things, from volunteer
police work to Scouting. He has been active in the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints (Mormon) with positions as Superintendent of the Sunday
School and M.I.A. Drama Director, teaching in all organizations and Priesthood
Among his hobbies are building electrical devices. Some of these include
a color T.V., an electric clock and an organ. The organ, he eventually
learned to play. He also repairs his own and other people's cars.
Wanda enjoys such hobbies as crocheting, embroidery, and quilting.
Together they have raised three lovely children who in turn have nine
grandchildren for them to enjoy.

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