Father: Thomas Orren LABRUM (*15 Jan 1884 +28 Aug 1950)
Mother: Evelyn May PEARSE (*20 Jan 1889 +16 Oct 1924)

Avon Ann LABRUM (*3 Dec 1917 +20 Nov 1995)

Husband 1 : Richard Player BLANCK
  1. +Richard Labrum BLANCK (Private)
  2. +Renee BLANCK (Private)
  3. +Dian BLANCK (Private)
  4.  Doreen BLANCK (Private)
Husband 2 : Eugene RICH

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                                                 _Thomas LABRUM ____+
                        _John George LABRUM ____|
                       |                        |_Elizabeth GEORGE _
 _Thomas Orren LABRUM _|
|                      |                         ___________________
|                      |_Ann Elizabeth WHEELER _|
|                                               |___________________
|--Avon Ann LABRUM 
|                                                ___________________
|                       ________________________|
|                      |                        |___________________
|_Evelyn May PEARSE ___|
                       |                         ___________________

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Husband Richard is the brother of Louise who married Trevor John Labrum.
From Pearse Book by Hyrum B. Wheelwright (pub. July 1975), pg. 101:
Avon enjoys many activities besides being an efficient homemaker and
mother. Music has been a favorite interest. She plays the piano and directs
singing. The Four H Clubs of America is an organization for teenagers and Avon
has devoted much time and effort to this organization. She has participated
in County and State Fairs with the girls she has supervised. She has been
head of the organization in the state of Utah.
Camping is one activity that she enjoys with her family. They get much
joy by sharing the wonders of the great outdoors. The past summer, the whole
family camped at Bear Lake for one of their vacations. This included children
and grandchildren. They enjoyed boating and swimming as well as camping.
Avon works at the same place as her brother, Pearse, O.C. Tanner Jewelry. She
works in the polishing department.

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