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Father: Thomas A LABRUM (*16 Oct 1857 +28 Jun 1940)
Mother: Jessie Agnes PORTNELL (*18 Nov 1861 +4 Jan 1914)

Jessie Christina LABRUM (*1896 +24 Oct 1971)

Husband 1 : Peter Henry FRASER
  1. +Daphne Amelia FRASER (*25 Sep 1914 +13 May 1990)
  2.  Olga FRASER (Private)
Husband 2 : William BROOKS
  1.  Raymond William BROOKS (Private)
  2.  Zeither Marion BROOKS (Private)
  3.  Owen Mervyn BROOKS (Private)
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                                                   _Thomas LABRUM ____+
                          _Thomas LABRUM _________|
                         |                        |_Martha Ann CROSS _
 _Thomas A LABRUM _______|
|                        |                         ___________________
|                        |_Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT _|
|                                                 |___________________
|--Jessie Christina LABRUM 
|                                                  ___________________
|                         ________________________|
|                        |                        |___________________
|_Jessie Agnes PORTNELL _|
                         |                         ___________________

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[8168] [John&Elenor onwards.FTW]

From Jessies Death Cert it states she was born in Rotorua, her age at time of death was 75yr s [born 1896]. Resided overseas for two years. First marriage in Melbourne aged 17yrs ( 191 3). Two girls from that marriage, 57yrs, 55yrs. Husband ? Williams.
I now know that she did not marry Peter FRASER not Williams, but she did have two daughters b y him. I have a FRASER contact in Australia who was doing a reunion and had been in touch wit h Olga who was living in a rest home in Taupo last year.
Jessie died of a Heart Attack at home, Hakanoa St, Huntly.

[NF579] [John&Elenor onwards.FTW]

Jessie & William were married at the Registrar's Office in Huntly. Thewitnesses were John Bun t, Lyon St, Frankton Junction, and GeorgeCunningham, Greenwood St, Frankton, both Coal Miner s from Frankton. TheOfficiating Registrar was A Mathews.
Present & usual residence: William - Huntly, Jessie - Huntly.

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[8164] [S455] Death Cert

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