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Father: Thomas ARNOLD (*1824 +1875)
Mother: Jane TINLEN (*26 Nov 1824 +16 Aug 1892)

William Marshall ARNOLD (*Oct 1861 +7 Apr 1925)

[9641] [9642] [9643] Wife 1 : Julia Elizabeth Jessie IRVING
  1. +George Wilfred ARNOLD (*ABT 1886 +11 Mar 1946)
  2.  Eunice Olivette ARNOLD (*ABT Aug 1888 +8 Mar 1900)
  3.  Kathleen Frances ARNOLD (*ABT Jan 1890 +8 Mar 1900)
  4. +Henry Cheriton ARNOLD (*ABT 1894 )
  5.  Walter Raymond ARNOLD (*4 Mar 1895 +1977)
  6.  Jack Marshall ARNOLD (*ABT 1897 )
  7.  Victor Douglas ARNOLD (*ABT 1899 )
  8.  Infant Boy ARNOLD (*29 Mar 1902 +29 Mar 1902)
  9. +Jessie Flint ARNOLD (*5 Nov 1910 +30 Jul 1989)
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                  _John ARNOLD ______|
                 |                   |________________
 _Thomas ARNOLD _|
|                |                    ________________
|                |_Elizabeth OXFORD _|
|                                    |________________
|--William Marshall ARNOLD 
|                                     _Thomas TINLIN _
|                 _Andrew TINLEN ____|
|                |                   |________________
|_Jane TINLEN ___|
                 |                    ________________
                 |_Mary BRISTOL _____|

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[9638] DEPOT NAB
STARTING 18840000
ENDING 18840000

Family tradition: "Had a hotel built in Ladysmith - The Royal Hotel"
According to
The Royal was built ca 1878 and a liqour licence applied for in 1886 by Mr Hamilton the proprietor.

WM Arnold v Local Board of Ladysmith

Summons Practice Plaint Local Board disqualification of

A sworn deposition is unnecessary in the case of an offence triable in the Magistrate's Court but summons may be issued on a Plaint

The disqualification of a member of a Local Board does not disqualify the whole Board or render invalid its acts
(Before Gallwey CJ Mason J and Fixnemore J)
WM Arnold was summoned in the Magistrate's Court for the Klip River Division for a contravention of Section 65 of Act 38 of 1896
The summons was as follows:
To CH Hendley Sergt NP Acting Messenger of the Court Summon Willam Marshall Arnold of Ladysmith Hotel and Bar Keeper that he personally appear before this Court at Ladysmith on the 21st October 1898 at 10 'o clock in the forenoon then to answer and abide the judgment of this Court upon the complaint and information of the Local Board of the township of Ladysmith that the said WM Arnold is guilty of the crime or offence of contravening Section 65 Act 38 1896 In that on or about the 15th October 1898 and at the Boyal Hotel premises in Murchison Street Ladysmith he being then the holder of a Hotel Bar License for the said premises for the sale of intoxicating liquor did wrongfully and unlawfully sell or keep his Bar or Buffet premises open for the sale of intoxicating liquors and did supply persons namely James Cairns of Ladysmith and Sergeant Lloyd of the Royal Irish Rifles with certain intoxicating liquors to be drunk on the aforesaid licensed premises between the hours of 11 'o clock at night and 6 'o clock in the morning the aforesaid persons not being sleeping or boarding on his hotel premises and to produce his liquor license and deliver the same to the Magistrate on the day of hearing

Serve on the said defendant a copy of this summons and then return to this Court on that day what you have done thereon

Given under my hand at Ladysmith this 17th day of October 1898
(Signed) HJ Colenbrander
Clerk of the Court

He was found guilty, appealed and had his appeals denied.

Family tradition: "He was there there during the Boer War but he left town during the war for some secret reason. Wife and children left behind to manage the hotel.
Sons Henry, Walter, Jack and Victor were all present at the hotel."

there is considerbale evidence that a Charles J Jones was the proprietor of the Royal Hotel in 1899 and 1902. He died in 1910

There is a postcard of the Ladysmith Hotel dated 1912 with greetings from Mr and Mrs W. M. Arnold. I suspect that Arnold owned the hotel but leased it out to Jones in a similar fashion to how his father leased the Trafalgar Hotel in Durban to people at various times.

After the Anglo-Boar war they all went to Barrow-in-Furniss, England.
Sons went to work at Vickers Shipbuilding yards (later known as Vickers-Armstrong).

1911 census in England:
Name William Marshall Arnold
Event Place Barrow In Furness, B/F, Lancashire, England
County Lancashire
Parish Barrow In Furness
Sub-District Barrow In Furness
Registration District Barrow In Furness
Gender Male
Age 49
Marital Status (Original) MARRIED
Birth Year (Estimated) 1862
Birthplace Natal S Africa Residents
Relationship to Head of Household Head
Line 1
Page 1
Years of Marriage 26
William Marshall Arnold Head M 49 Natal S Africa Residents
Julia Elizabeth Jessie Arnold Wife F 44 Utinese C Colony Residents
George Wilfred Arnold Son M 25 Natal S Africa Residents
Harry Cheriton Arnold Son M 17 Natal S Africa Residents
Walter Raymond Arnold Son M 16 Natal S Africa Residents
Jack Marshall Arnold Son M 14 Natal S Africa Residents
Victor Douglas Arnold Son M 12 Natal S Africa Residents
Jessie Flint Arnold Daughter F 0 Barrow F, Lancashire

After WW I, returned to Durban for some time. His brother, George wrote to him and suggested he come to Rhodesia so they went to stay with George and Annie on their farm.

Daughter Jessie stayed with his sister Julia Arnold in Durban.

Under the name Arnold Brothers, they bought 4 farms: Zintifuli, Kapiri and two others under a deal with the Rhodesian government for returning soldiers. Possible ~2000 acres each.

Lived on Kapiri for 3 or 4 years.

Did not feel well so went to see his friend Dr Hewittson in Sinoia who send him for tests in Salisbury. Tests revealed a stomach cancer diagnosis.

About a year later (1925) he said "I am going out to shoot for meat" and he shot himself in the orchard.

Sons Jack and Henry were at the farm, Victor was in India, Walter in Durban, South Africa.

His son Henry Cheriton Arnold was his executor and filed his death notice in 1931

REFERENCE 17229/1925

[9639] [9640]

[9646] Age at this event:49

[9641] [S579] Peter Hare

[9642] [S580] 1911 England & Wales Census

[9643] [S576] Peter Hare

[9635] [S154] Biographical Series on British Settlers in Natal

[9644] [S154] Biographical Series on British Settlers in Natal

[9645] [S562] Marriage certificate

[9636] [S154] Biographical Series on British Settlers in Natal

[9637] [S578] Peter Hare

[18562] [S154] Biographical Series on British Settlers in Natal

[18563] [S562] Marriage certificate