Father: John ARNOLD (*ABT 1786 )
Mother: Elizabeth Jane OXFORD (*ABT 1792 +ABT Feb 1861)

Thomas ARNOLD (*1824 +1875)

Wife 1 : Jane TINLEN
  1. +Jane Fanny ARNOLD (*8 Mar 1850 +Jul 1926)
  2. +George Thomas ARNOLD (*7 Aug 1852 +31 May 1927)
  3.  Elizabeth Mary ARNOLD (*Jun 1854 )
  4. +Emily Jane ARNOLD (*4 Apr 1856 +16 Jun 1911)
  5. +Julia Annie ARNOLD (*Mar 1858 +14 Nov 1924)
  6. +Helen Elizabeth ARNOLD (*27 Mar 1860 +3 May 1941)
  7. +William Marshall ARNOLD (*Oct 1861 +7 Apr 1925)
  8.  Alice Ross ARNOLD (*Sep 1863 +Oct 1895)
  9.  Sarah ARNOLD (*1864 )
  10.  Kate ARNOLD (*7 Feb 1866 )
  11.  Edith Oxford ARNOLD (*13 Mar 1868 +24 Aug 1873)
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                         |  |__
 _John ARNOLD ___________|
|                        |   __
|                        |__|
|                           |__
|--Thomas ARNOLD 
|                            __
|                         __|
|                        |  |__
|_Elizabeth Jane OXFORD _|
                         |   __

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[9374] 1841 census
from http://www.dorset-opc.com/CanfordMagnaFiles/1841CanfordMagna2.htm

HO287-04 Enumeration District 5
Registrar's District of Canford & Kinson
Chapelry of Kinson (or Kingston)
1; Howe; John ARNOLD; 57; Carpenter; Y; HO287-04 5/P1
1; Howe; Betsey ARNOLD; 50; ; Y; HO287-04 5/P1
1; Howe; William ARNOLD; 19; Male Servant; Y; HO287-04 5/P1
1; Howe; Thomas ARNOLD; 16; Ag. Labourer; Y; HO287-04 5/P1
1; Howe; George ARNOLD; 8; ; Y; HO287-04 5/P1
1; Howe; Mary ARNOLD; 4; ; Y; HO287-04 5/P1

Thomas and Jane and their infant daughter Jane sailed from England to Port Natal (Durban) in 1850 aboard the Ballengeich arriving on 26 July 1850.

Note the ship was registered as BALLENGIECH though an engraving of the ship shows its name as BALLENGEICH

Dec 1850 he was running the London Coffee and Dining Rooms in Durban.

ca. Oct 1853 he took over the Trafalgar Hotel on Pine Terrace

1855 he tried sugar cane farming leasing some lots on the farm Springfield. He sold his leases in 1856 and 1857.

From https://molegenealogy.blogspot.co.za/search/label/Electoral%20Roll%20for%20Borough%20of%20Durban%201856%2F57
Burgers Roll: Durban 1856/57
ARNOLD Thomas Pine Terrace Hotel-keeper

List of Persons Qualified to Vote at the Election of Councillors for the Borough of Durban, District of Natal, for the Year commencing 15th July 1856 and ending 4th July 1857

A Thomas Murray died at "Mr Arnold's Trafalgar Hotel, Pine Terrace, Durban, Colony of Natal

1858 initiated into the Port Natal Lodge of Freemasons

June 1859 he leased the hotel to Edwin Vale.

In the 1861 - List of Qualified Jurors in Pietermaritzburg
a Thomas Arnold is listed - occupation is inkeeper at Assegai Kraal

1865 Took over licence at Traflagar but let Mr & Mrs Baynes continue to run it.

Bishop Macrorie arrived in Durban and started using the Billiards room at the Trafalgar as a place of worship. The congregation became known as the Arnoldites but later became St Cyprians.
1869 he rebuilt a large room to be both a bar and concert hall, seating 600. This space was rented to the Durban Town Council in 1873.

From Pat Smith:
This appears in Vol 5 of British Settlers to Natal on page 193 and reads:
Arnold, Thomas
In a list of debtors of the baker Robert Forsyth* dated early 1873, and filed with his estate papers, Arnold appears as a wagoner of West Street, Durban.
Source: Insolvent Estates 1/17 no.77

There is a copy of Arnold's will (20 Dec. 1859) preserved among the notarial protocols of Harry Escombe.
Source: Notarial Protocols of all notaries who started practising before the 1890's have been consulted. IV/5/3 no. 329ab

Dr. C.M. Adridge's* ledger records the vaccination in May 1863 of the Arnolds' son George aged seven months, at which time they were resident at the Halfway House on the Durban/Pietermaritzburg road. This is surprising as they already had a son George Thomas then aged eleven years.
Source: Dr. C.M. Aldridge: Ledger p.824

1867 - The church met in the Billard Room at the Trafalgar Hotel standing on erf 21 Block E Pine Terrace formerly known as Nelson Street. Pine Terrace later became known as Commercial Road


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