Father: David CLARKSON (*ABT 1845 +16 Apr 1916)
Mother: Mary Ann LABRUM (*23 Dec 1851 +20 Oct 1921)

Hepyzber Annie CLARKSON (*27 Dec 1875 +3 Jan 1890)

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                   |                        |___________________
 _David CLARKSON __|
|                  |                         ___________________
|                  |________________________|
|                                           |___________________
|--Hepyzber Annie CLARKSON 
|                                            _Thomas LABRUM ____+
|                   _Thomas LABRUM _________|
|                  |                        |_Martha Ann CROSS _
|_Mary Ann LABRUM _|
                   |                         ___________________
                   |_Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT _|

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[19310] [John&Elenor onwards.FTW]

I have a strong feeling that this girl is actually the daughter of Richard SPRATT and Mary An n LABRUM.
Her birth was registered at Shortland and was originally signed by Annie CLARKSON although th ere is a X beside the name and Mary Ann has signed her name again as Mary Annie LABRUM. The f ather is named as David CLARKSON, Miner aged 32yrs and their marriage date as being January 1 869. This marriage date is incorrect and David's age was 30yrs.
In 1890 Hepyzber became ill with Typhoid Fever and died in the Gisborne Hospital.
The informant on Hepyzber's death certificate was G.LAVEROCK, her step father. He stated he r father as being Richard SPRATT, a Mine Manager. Her mother's name was Annie LAVEROCK former ly SPRATT nee LABRUM. The Minister at her funeral was Rev. Josuah WARD, Wesleyan.
Hepyzber was buried at Gisborne and 52 years later her sister/halfsister Mary was buried wit h her. The question is "How did Mary know Hepyzber was there?"

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