David CLARKSON (*ABT 1845 +16 Apr 1916)

Wife 1 : Mary Ann LABRUM
  1.  Mary Elizabeth CLARKSON (*26 Feb 1870 +16 Mar 1946)
  2.  Hepyzber Annie CLARKSON (*27 Dec 1875 +3 Jan 1890)
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David and his father arrived in New Zealand aboard the ship "Ida Ziegler" in 1868. They joined other family members who were already here. David and his three brothers were all gold miners and one brother is reknown for starting the gold mining rush in Thames when he and three partners discovered gold in 1867. I suspect this discovery enticed David to make the trip to New Zealand although he always appeared to be the poor relative.
In December 18 1897 there is a hospital record held at the Auckland Archives which reads as follows:

David Clarkson, 52yrs, Widowed, native of Scotland, Lived in NZ 35yrs. Late residence Tairua , occupation Miner, Malady see folio 181.Denomination Plymouth Brethern. Ward 1.
Folio 181, Malady, wound to eye. Discharged April 6th 1898. Number of days in hospital, 109.

David followed his Father and Brother to Australia seeking gold. Both his Father and Brother died there and David came back to New Zealand obviously not having made his fortune as the following records shows:

Application for Relief, Auckland Hospital.
Jan 22 1909, David Clarkson, address c/- Mrs Smith, St George's Bay Road,Parnell. Age 64yrs , Widower. Lived 40yrs in NZ. District 16yrs, Domain 40yrs. Past work, destitution. Relatives liable to contribute support,Brother Geo Clarkson. O.A.P. Church St, Ponsonby.

There were few details on his death certificate. His wife's name was unknown, he had one female daughter, age unknown. He had lived in New Zealand 40yrs. The Minister at his funeral was J.A. Kempthorne, Church of England. Due to the circumstance of his death there was an inquest and the following is a transcript of the report.

Coronor's report.
INFORMATIONS of WITNESSES severally taken and acknowledged on behalf of our Sovereign Lord t he King touching the death of David Clarkson at the dwellinghouse of G.W.H.Goddard in the Pro vincial District of Wellington on Monday, the 17th day of April one thousand nine hundred an dsixteen, before A S Laird, one of the Coroners for New Zealand [or a Justice of the Peace acting as one of His Majestys Coroners], on an Inquisition then and there on view of the body of David Clarkson then and there lying dead, as follows, to wit:-
George William Haywood Goddard being sworn, saith that I am a Timber Inspector for the N.Z. Railways & reside at Kakahi. Deceased came to live at my house about six weeks ago having been ordered to the country by Dr King of Auckland after a severe attack of influenza, deceased told me that Dr King said his heart was gone, yesterday, Sunday morning, deceased knocked at my door about 3 oclock & said I am bad get me some hot water & painkiller. I got up immediately & attended to deceased who went back to bed, he complained of violent pain across the chest & in the throat, also pain down the inside of the left arm. The hot water bottle relieved him somewhat & deceased expressed regret for troubling me, he did not appear disturbed with his breathing but all at once he collapsed & expired. I should think within an hour of his having called me. In reply to questions during his stay, he always professed to be getting on well & did not complain. I do not know of deceased having any property, he was an old age pensioner. He has a brother residing in Onehunga & a daughter in Gisborne. I believe his wife is dead.

signed:- Geo Goddard

Elizabeth Roseline Goddard being sworn saith, I am the wife of the previous witness & corroborate my husbands evidence & can only add that deceased went to bed a little earlier than usual on Saturday night complaining of a slight cold, he was always bright & cheerful & never complained.

signed:- Roseline Goddard.

Jane Symington Smith being sworn saith, I am a married woman residing in Auckland & deceased was my uncle. He had been troubled with his chest for years. About three months ago he consulted Dr King who told him he would have to be careful & not get a chill he said. So far as I know, my uncle frequently complained of trouble with his chest, that is pain & difficulty in breathing. The attacks were not frequent until the last year of late he suffered from pain in the lower back part of the head. Dr King did not prescribe medicine. My uncle always eat (sic) his food well, he had no property, he has a brother resides in Ponsonby Auckland, & his daughter resides in Gisborne. My uncle was an old age pensioner.
signed:- J Smith.

William Crawford MacKnight being sworn saith, I am a duly qualified & registered medical practitioner residing in Taumarunui. On Monday the seventeenth, acting on instruction from the Coroner, I proceeded to Kakahi & examined the body of deceased. From the appearances & the evidence given by the former witnesses, I am of the opinion deceased had suffered from heartdise ase & as a result died from an attack of angina pectoris.
signed:- W C MacKnight.

The foregoing depositions of George William Haywood Goddard, Roseline Goddard, Jane Symington Smith, & William Crawford MacKnight written on five pages of paper, numbered consecutivel y from one to five, and by me fixed together, were taken and sworn before me, at Kakahi & Tau marunui on the 17th day of April. 1916
signed:- A S Laird.

AN INQUISITION taken for our Sovereign Lord the King, at the House of G.W.H.Goddard at Kakahi ,of Wellington, in the said Dominion, on the seventeenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, before A S Laird, Esquire, one of the Coroners of our Sovereign Lord the King for the said Dominion, on view of the body of David Clarkson, then and there lying dead: and the said Coroner, having inquired for our Lord the King, when, where, and by what means the said David Clarkson came to his death, doth find that In accordance with the medical evidence he died from natural causes ( angina pectoris ) on the sixteenth day of April 1916 at Kakahi.

In Witness tohereof the said Coroner has hereunto set and subscribed his hand and seal the day and year first above written . signed:- A S Laird.

David is buried in an umarked grave.

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