Father: Thomas A LABRUM (*16 Oct 1857 +28 Jun 1940)
Mother: Jessie Agnes PORTNELL (*18 Nov 1861 +4 Jan 1914)

Thomas Albert LABRUM (*1883 +26 Jul 1948)

Wife 1 : Patience REAY

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                                                   _Thomas LABRUM ____+
                          _Thomas LABRUM _________|
                         |                        |_Martha Ann CROSS _
 _Thomas A LABRUM _______|
|                        |                         ___________________
|                        |_Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT _|
|                                                 |___________________
|--Thomas Albert LABRUM 
|                                                  ___________________
|                         ________________________|
|                        |                        |___________________
|_Jessie Agnes PORTNELL _|
                         |                         ___________________

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Thomas was apparently involved in a mining accident at Huntly. His name appears on the minin g accidents fiche, Labrum T., Pukemiro Colliery,1939, C-2, 69. This refers to reports in th e Appendices to Journals of the House of Representives.Have found this as follows - On 22 Apr il T.Labrum, shiftman, Pukemiro Colliery, suffered a fracture of the right radius when his wr ist was caught and crushed between two skips.
Patience and Thomas were married in the Huntly Registrar's Office by F.Auld. They had no chil dren.
Thomas died in the  Greenlane hospital. It appears he had suffered for years from TB. Ministe r at funeral - F.O. Osborn, Church of England.
His last address was 6 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga.
Waikaraka Cemetery.
Headstone reads: Thomas Albert Labrum died 22 July 1948 aged 65 yrs and his beloved wife Pati ence Labrum died 05 May 1969 aged 66yrs.

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