Father: August Friedrich Christian Johannes SCHULTZ (*16 Jul 1856 +31 Oct 1937)
Mother: Helene Henriette KOCK (*12 Jan 1869 +28 Apr 1941)

Hans Carl Ernst SCHULTZ (*16 May 1893 +20 Jul 1975)

Hans Schultz
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[1407] Wife 1 : Martha Louise Josephine SCHREIB
  1. +Ernst Albert SCHULTZ (*9 Jan 1921 +20 Aug 2016)
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                                                                                  _Johann Peter Philip SCHULTZ ________+
                                                _Johann Peter Friedrich SCHULTZ _|
                                               |                                 |_Johanna Magdalena Henriette RöPER _+
 _August Friedrich Christian Johannes SCHULTZ _|
|                                              |                                  _Thomas Moller DAVIDSEN _____________
|                                              |_Maria Dorothea DAVIDSEN ________|
|                                                                                |_Maria SCHMIDT ______________________
|--Hans Carl Ernst SCHULTZ 
|                                                                                 _____________________________________
|                                               _ KOCK __________________________|
|                                              |                                 |_____________________________________
|_Helene Henriette KOCK _______________________|
                                               |                                  _Hans Heinrich MEINS ________________+
                                               |_Anna Margaretha MEINS __________|
                                                                                 |_Elsabe LANGE _______________________+

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[1406] At age 3 he came with his parents to South Africa in 1896,
sailed from Hambug on 25 October 1896 on the steamship  Gaul captained by Sylvester, 3rd class via Southampton.

Lived in Cape Town, Lovers Walk, Diagonal St. and Jeppe Street.

Moved to Pretoria where his father worked on the Klapperskop munitions magazine.

In 1889 they were living in Modderfontein.

In 1902 they moved to Serfontein (now Kempton Park).
He used to burn old ammunition left lying about by the British in a fire !

In 1903 they moved to Johannesburg.

1904 back to Serfontein

1905 back to Modderfontein and Hamburg (South Africa)

Finished his apprenticeship on 10 May 1915

15 May 1915 left Modderfontein for Kempton Park.

1917 was invited by Karl Schreib to his farm where he started courting his wife.

1925 Moved to Viljoensdrift, Orange Free State where he held the position of  Surface Electrician on Cornelia Colliery.

Naturalised under his fathers Naturalisation certificate to Union of South Africa 19 November 1934.

1935 moved to Johannesburg where he worked as an armature winder.

1946 worked at Nelsrust for a brewery company.

[1407] [S106] Naturalisation certificate

[1404] [S113] Official extract from birth Register, Standesamt Altona I, jetzt HamburgRegister 1512/1893

[1405] [S114] His son

[1408] [S106] Naturalisation certificate

[1409] [S106] Naturalisation certificate