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Father: Johann Peter Friedrich SCHULTZ (*24 Nov 1827 +1895)
Mother: Maria Dorothea DAVIEDSEN (*27 Feb 1832 )

August Friedrich Christian Johannes SCHULTZ (*16 Jul 1856 +31 Oct 1937)

The family after arriving in South Africa. Picture taken circa 1897
August Schultz and his wife Helene and children Herman, Hans and Dora from (left to right)

Same Family ca. 1934
From left to right, back row, Ernst Schultz, Martha Schreib, Hans Schultz, Herman Schultz, Marie "Millie" du Plooy
Seated: Erna Schoof holding Reinhart Meano, Walter Meano, Helene von Kock, Ursula Schultz, August Schultz, Dora Schultz, Erna Schmeck
Kneeling: Selma Schultz, Helene Schultz
[658] Wife 1 : Theresa Wilhelmine Catharine Charlotte PFITZNER
  1.  Richard SCHULTZ (*1884 +ABT 1888)
Wife 2 : Helene Henriette KOCK
  1. +Dorothea Anna Elsabe SCHULTZ (*16 Nov 1890 +1973)
  2. +Hans Carl Ernst SCHULTZ (*16 May 1893 +20 Jul 1975)
  3. +Herman Adolf Willy SCHULTZ (*18 Jan 1896 +Nov 1978)
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                                                                         _Christian SCHULTZ ________
                                   _Johann Peter Philip SCHULTZ ________|
                                  |                                     |_Margaretha Amalie BERGEN _
 _Johann Peter Friedrich SCHULTZ _|
|                                 |                                      _Johann RöPER ____________
|                                 |_Johanna Magdalena Henriette RöPER _|
|                                                                       |_Sophia Maria FABIAN ______
|--August Friedrich Christian Johannes SCHULTZ 
|                                                                        ___________________________
|                                  _Thomas Müller DAVIEDSEN ___________|
|                                 |                                     |___________________________
|_Maria Dorothea DAVIEDSEN _______|
                                  |                                      ___________________________
                                  |_Maria SCHMIDT ______________________|

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[657] His granddaughter Erna Schmeck claimed that he visited Russia (31 May 1996 Ernst Schultz)

Became an Athiest after his first wife died in childbirth and the child died from a fall aged 4. - information from his grandson Ernst Schultz in a letter to his son Dale January 1995

Came to South Africa in 1896 sailed from Hambug on 25 October 1856 on the steamship Gaul captained by Sylvester, 3rd class via Southampton, occupation: bricklayer

lived in Cape Town, then moved to Pretoria

According to Helga Schultz, he lived near Paul Kruger.

Worked on the Klapperskop Munitions magazine.

Worked in Modderfontein during the Boer War and has his pony commandeered.

In 1897 built a school in Modderfontein.

naturalised to British Nationality (Union of SA) 18 August 1911, Pretoria

January 200 from "Clive" by email 26 January 2000
The condition of the grave is not too bad and is situated in the middle of the cemetery. The cemetery is located in West Street Kempton Park and is the original cemetery of the town and does not contain very many graves.

They couple are buried in a common grave beside each other and share a common head stone The grave has a granite surround with small pillars which at one time would have been connected with a chain. Inside the surrounds is a layer of white stones.

[658] [S630] Death Notice

[659] [S110] Audio recording by his son Hans circa 1972

[660] [S364] Hamburg Passenger lists 1950-1934

[661] [S364] Hamburg Passenger lists 1950-1934

[652] [S109] Gravestone in Kempton Park reported by grandson Ernst Albert Schultz in letter to his son Dale

[653] [S117] Estate of August Schultz

[654] [S555] Gravestone

[655] [S117] Estate of August Schultz

[656] [S555] Gravestone

[18299] [S562] Marriage certificate

[18300] [S237] Death Certificate