Father: Hans Carl Ernst SCHULTZ (*16 May 1893 +20 Jul 1975)
Mother: Martha Louise Josephine SCHREIB (*6 Jun 1899 +20 Jun 1984)

Ernst Albert SCHULTZ (*9 Jan 1921 +20 Aug 2016)

Ernst on the running board with his parents.

From left to right, back row, Ernst Schultz, Martha Schreib, Hans Schultz, Herman Schultz, Marie "Millie" du Plooy
Seated: Erna Schoof holding Reinhart Meano, Walter Meano, Helene von Kock, Ursula Schultz, August Schultz, Dora Schultz, Erna Schmeck
Kneeling: Selma Schultz, Helene Schultz
Photograph taken about July 1937
Wife 1 : Joan Mary LUTKENS
  1. +Allen Eric SCHULTZ (Private)
  2. +Colin Carl SCHULTZ (Private)
  3. +Dale Martin SCHULTZ (*3 Aug 1960 +3 Aug 2060)
  4.  Jenny Louise SCHULTZ (Private)
Wife 2 : Selma SCHULTZ

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                                                                                   _Johann Peter Friedrich SCHULTZ _+
                                    _August Friedrich Christian Johannes SCHULTZ _|
                                   |                                              |_Maria Dorothea DAVIDSEN ________+
 _Hans Carl Ernst SCHULTZ _________|
|                                  |                                               _ KOCK __________________________
|                                  |_Helene Henriette KOCK _______________________|
|                                                                                 |_Anna Margaretha MEINS __________+
|--Ernst Albert SCHULTZ 
|                                                                                  _Christian Carl August SCHREIB __+
|                                   _Karl Johann Friedrich Ludwig SCHREIB ________|
|                                  |                                              |_Louise Johanna ABEL ____________+
|_Martha Louise Josephine SCHREIB _|
                                   |                                               _________________________________
                                   |_Anna Margaretha STANG _______________________|

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[5] Following are things from his life as recorded by himself so references to Dad mean his father etc.

9 January 1921 Born 38 Menton Rd. Richmond JHB, South Africa

1924 or 1925 Moved to Viljoensdrift OFS.
Dad was a Surface Electrician on Cornelia Colliery.
Carlisle was the Compound Manager, and neighbour. He kept horses, which he occaisionally had to use to break up fighting in the compound.Their daughter, Margaret, was my playmate.

I thought Margaret was wonderful; she would make fudge from a large bag of brown sugar, courtesy the compound I'm sure. They also had the tallest swing you have ever seen. One day I wanted to see how far I could jump, assisted by the swing going high! One jump was enough! Why I did'nt break my silly neck, I dont know.
Her death, killed by lightning while out riding with her sister, was the first bereavement I experienced in my life.


It was midwinter, 1930. The Levy's pony - trap took Magaret Carlisle, Bing Levy, & myself from Viljoensdrift to Vereeniging every schoolday.
One day, Margaret (10 years) suggested that she & I (Ernie 9) slip off the back footboard of the trap & run the hypotenuse of a triangle, about one Km., across the veld & through part of the native location, while the trap did 2 legs on the road. Bing said he was not THAT cold!
We made it, with a few seconds to spare, clambered onto the moving footboard, warm & happy.
Apparently the driver did not approve: the next day, he sped up after we had got off. Now here we were, sprinting about 15 metres behind the trap, the rate of closure diminishing as we tired, the driver ignoring our shouts. "Wait" we yelled - to no avail - legs aching, lungs bursting, running flat out to catch the trap, we still had 2 metres to go, but now the gap was widening, & we would miss school, 8 km. away, or be very late.
Rescue arrived from Bing - he got off, kept a hold on the footboard strap, stretched his free arm back, managed to reach Margaret's hand. She took my hand & pulled me forward, one last jerk & I reached the board; Bing then pulled Margaret in, & then he boarded.
Unspoken message recieved !

Colin Frew taught us boxing.


At the school at Cornelia there was a "pecking Order" . The boys were always fighting to establish their position. I was happy to be at the bottom end of the line.

I had been thoroughly beaten up by the small gang who walked from the Colliery to school. One day they had knocked me down, taken one sock off, filled it with sand, & used that to hit me.

Now there was a chap about my size, in my class, Freddie Strydom, who used to pinch my ruler & pencils, & by scratching out the lowest stroke of my E initial , he claimed that FS stood for him.

Then he decided that he was going to show that he was above me in the Order. So during the break he punched me on my shoulder & said "theres your cash". Then I had to punch him back & say "heres your change". This was the custom , & signalled that there would be a fight after school. It was a disgrace not to accept the challenge.

After school we met at a point on the way to the station, with a crowd of onlookers, & the fight started. But I was getting the better of it, & had him crying. Suddenly a man appeared & yanked me out of the fight. It was Freddie's father, who was working on the footbridge over the rail -lines at the station, & he had been able to see what was going on.

That was my last fight at that school - & I took my ruler back !


Cornelia - the buzz was that the 'big boys' i.e. about 16 or over, apprentices etc., had built a raft out of 44 gallon (those days) drums & some planks, & were going to launch it into the river on Saturday. Such an event was not to be missed. A couple of us young kids went, with our cossies, & when the raft was in water deep enough to float in, after we had helped push & shove, we were told to help get it out further. What a gift from the Gods, we held onto the sides, & kicked our legs, & the raft moved slowly outwards.
I had a moment of worry , when I realized that we were in the middle of the river - & I had never swum that far before. But the fun was just beginning, & I ceased to worry. Two big boys took us in turns, to swing us, & on the count of three, toss us as far & high as they could off the raft into the river. Eventually it was time to go home, & then the shock came - -they decided to leave the raft in the middle of the river, to save time I suppose the next time they wanted to play on it. The bank looked so far away! But how could I admit I was afraid, or not big enough to join in such fun & games. I just made for the bank with the rest of them, & made it without anybody knowing how afraid I had been.
Dunno what happened to the raft. I think they never anchored it, or not properly, & the current took it away. Pity.

Swallows at Cornelia colliery

The mine "stores" was a long tall building, with a big roof eave. The whole of the underside of the eave, & sloping at about 45° from the gutter back to the wall, were thousands of swallows' nests, the full length of the building. The swallows collected brown mud from the river, & patched up & built more nests every year. At 5pm every day, the mine hooter went, which one could hear all over the village. All the swallows that were at their nests would take off, a cloud of them, chirping & circling around a few times, then gradually making for home after the hooter had stopped its noise. I have not in my life seen such a large flock of swallows anywhere else. They migrated in Winter, & always came back.

1926-30 Some schooling at Viljoensdrift, up to std 2. (I think).
ca 1930 Dad bought his first Citroen.
Dec. 1930 Trip with Oupa Schreib on steamship "Usambara" from Durban to Cape Town.
1931-32 Std. 3 & 4 at Vereeniging Junior school.
Boarded with George & Maud Powell after lift-club to Vereeniging, with storekeepers son & Margaret Carlisle had to stop.
ca 1931 Dad bought 2nd Citroen.
1932 Moved back to Menton Rd.

A note he wrote about his friend "Toots" and Alf

"Toots" and Alf Pohlmann were my best friends, as the Pohlmanns were the best of my folks friends. Toots, I think his proper name was Albert, like his Dad ,was a few months older than I, & Alf was say 2 years older. They lived in Orange steet, Sunnyside, not far from us, in Menton Rd.
Then when we were in Viljoens Drift, Toots & Alf came to us to spend a couple of weeks of the Winter school holidays with us.

What a grand time it was, never had I had such fun !
There was a fair-sized ash & coal dust dump near the mine, which they wanted to explore - we found ourselves bits of tin & bags & tobagganed down the sides of the dump. To say that we were dirty would be putting it mildly, & Toots got into trouble with my Mom for going to bed with his jersey on one night ! Then we took our bikes there, struggled them to the top, & rode down. There was a convenient flat piece of ground which we wized around till our momentum was gone. Races with some other kids then ensued. It wasn't all smooth going, you could fall off on the rough surface on the side of the dump !! Such excitement & speed I had never known.

One day we decided to dig a big hole in the back yard. The ground, being the ancient flood-plain of the Vaal, was sand. When the hole was well over our heads deep, they said lets make a tunnel ! Which we proceeded to do. Then Dad came home from work at 5pm, & made us fill it all in, before something collapsed & buried one or more of us.
Alf had a dicky heart, & died at about the age of 12. There was also a younger sister, Vera.

Note from DMS
Vera Pohlmann Married Walter Stewart Watkinson 14 April 1952 she aged 21 so born about 1931

Albert August Pohlmann married Catherine Elisabeth Bierman on 11 Dec 1943, marriage witnessed by EA Schultz!
Address: Orange St Sunnyside.
page 3 T https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:33S7-9T7T-32BZ?i=2&wc=MCMX-53F%3A44975801%2C52325201%2C52487901%2C52492701&cc=1468076
He was born 1921
He died 6 July 1972 in Durban and was buried 11 July 1972

Another story about "Toots"

"Toots" Pohlmann, my best friemd while I was at school, & I were fooling around at the top of Orange St., Sunnyside, Joh'burg, on our bikes. It was flat there. Toots suggested that we swop bikes, just for a change. We swopped, & then realized that it was time to go home. His house was halfway down Orange St., so without changing bikes, we headed down the hill. As we neared the gate, I discovered that the bike had no brakes! and I was going far too fast to make the turn into the driveway.

At the bottom of the road, about 50 m further, the tar & the concrete kerb , on the left, ended. A gap between the end of the tar & a fence across the property beyond, existed, giving access to flat open ground, with a well-worn path across it. This was my destination as I realized I could'nt turn.

But there was a problem !! A horse & cart was coming up through the gap. Worse - the cart had protruding "wings" on the sides of the body.

I had 2 alternatives - 1- go to the right of the horse & crash headlong into the fence/hedge, or -2- go left & through the space between the cartwheels & the end of the kerb. That space was about 200mm, but the "wing" used up the airspace above that little gap.

By the time I had absorbed this, I was looking the horse in the eye - I turned left ! Steering with my left hand only, I twisted sideways over the saddle & leant backwards - the wing flashed past my stomach. I did not see by how little it missed me, I was busy looking where I was going in the next second, & trying to regain balance- to no avail- I ended up crashing broadside into the ground in a cloud of dust. Alive, but relatively unhurt.

See https://www.google.com/maps/@-26.1847629,28.0170725,3a,75y,23.93h,75.04t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svrzIQQJtPHen_rDU7-LA_Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

1933 Std 4 Spes Bona school, Braamfontein.
1934 Dad purchased new Plymouth car
1936 Olympic Games Berlin - Oupa Schreib made the FIRST telephone call from Germany to S.A. I presume he spoke to Mom.
ca 1936 Holiday with Dad & Mom at Coogie Hotel, Gilespie St. Durban.
1937 Holiday at Nelspruit
1934-38 Std 6-Matric at Parktown Boys High. Toots & Alf Pohlmann, Barry Glasson, Jack Burbidge.
Feb 39 - Dec 42 Wits. University B.Sc. Eng.(Civil) Peter Heywood,Schafner, Huchinson, Glasson.
1939 Received, stripped, repaired +- 1930 Chandler, eventually broke it down for scrap because I could'nt afford licence.
Dec 39 - Jan 40 Vacation. work - Driehoek, Germiston, A. Stuart &Co. 13/6d per week.
Dec 40 - Jan 41 JHB. Municipality. Worked in Plumber's shop, Mechanical Workshop, & native housing project at Baragwanath, laid bricks.
1941 Oupa Schreib bought me 1936 DKW, 21st present £100
Dec 41 - Jan 42 S.A.R. East London. Boss was Hauser. Met Prozesky, Used DKW.
Dec 42 East London for holiday, by train. Looked up Patsy Bowen (later Kerslake) friend of Joyce Feldhaus, daughter of old friends of Oupa Schreib.
Got news of results of final exam.
1 Jan 1943 - 31 August 1944 First job; African Realty Trust. Letaba, Zebediela, Greytown


African Realty Trust, my first employer, owned citrus estates at Zebedela, Letaba, & Muden. Muden is, or was, a place where there was a Post Office, Hotel, & a few shops. I was sent there to do some survey, & arrived one Sunday afternoon, staying in the Hotel. I found about 3 girls & one elderly gent in the lounge. They said they were waiting for the men to come back from their fishing trip. Hans, (I dont remember his real name) was a chatty guy, & said that the men never organized anything when they went off for these trips, each guy took enough food & beer for the whole party.

They arrived about sundown, all very jovial, & it was beers all round. Amongst them were Vic Torlage & his friend John, & Nola Grant was his girlfriend.


Apparently it was the custom , that on Sunday morning that the 3 chaps, Vic, John, & one other, would call at the Hotel, & everybody went for a walk in the in the orange orchards. This duly happened, & I was invited too.
We had'nt walked very far before we came across the coccopan track that had been used in times gone by. A coccopan axle & its 2 wheels was lying there. Vic picked it up, & said that the hardest thing to do when 'pushing iron" was to hold the barbell away from your chest, your arms being full stretch horizontally. He then proceeded to try it, but could not hold it for more than a fraction of a second. John then tried , but he was not of Vic's build, & did even worse. Vic said "give it a go Jack", & I noticed him wink at John with a smile. This was to sort the men from the boys, no doubt. Me with my skinny build!
I picked it up, to over my head, then kept my arms straight as I lowered it to the horizontal. I sure was straining every ounce, but I held it there for a few seconds. The looks of blank amazement were something.
What they did'nt know was that I had "pumped Iron" when in my final year at 'varsity. To keep fit I went to a gym that said that there would be classes of "swedish " exercises.(called aerobics now). But they never happened, so I worked out with the weights.


Viv lived in a nice little flat-roofed house just across the valley from the Hotel. Sunday night there was a party there.
I walked over, & several people were already there, including Hans, who had a tyre pressure gauge, which he held against ones forehead, & pronounced that you required a drink, & marched over to the drinks table. A big slug of brandy in a tumbler, topped up with beer was his presciption. At some stage I managed to pour it into a flowerpot, & got myself a beer.
Then a bunch of people arrived, amongst them a guy carrying a large bass fiddle. He put it on its side, in the middle of the floor, sat astride it, & proceeded to pluck out a rythem. Vic produced his accordion, John got a banjo, & while Hans took pressure readings & appropriate medicine around, the party was in full swing. It was great.
Gee those guys could drink, but I never saw anybody drunk. We finished up on the rooftop, sitting around telling jokes, & quafing beer.
Despite avoiding Hans' medicine, I had one helluva headache the next day. Hans was very keen that I come back early December, to get some practice "because we give it a tonk then" I never did get a return trip.


I'm not sure whether it was Vic's mother or his grandmother's birthday, but we went to the original Torlage farm one Saturday pm. The old man there had invented wine from oranges, which the local bottle stores sold. There is a Torlage Sreet in new Germany.
Lots of people there, a tremendous spread of cakes & goodies for afternoon Tea. Then Vic took his pianoaccordian, & played all the well-known German & other tunes, everybody singing along.

April 43 Met Joan at Ellwyn Williams Dance school

11 Dec 1943 witness at the marriage of his friend Albert "Toots" Pohlmann

Dec. '43 ? Holiday in Margate. By train.
1.9.44.-30.11.46 Assist. Eng. Aliwal North.

A story he wrote about the time in Aliwal North:
Blitzlikke Disappearance
One Saturday afternoon at the Tennis-Club, we had yarned till late & it was dark by the time I got on my bicycle to go to van der Linde's Lossieshuis. As I passed the crossroad where the house stood, I saw a bicycle-light moving very slowly & waving from side to side. I recognized the cop's style, I had seen him before, riding on his beat.I paid no regard to him, did'nt give it a second thought.

A few seconds later I turned into the yard gate, turned again passed my room window (my room was an enclosed -verandah type), turned again to my door & put the bike inside. Went to a friend's room & was dealt into the cardgame in progress.

Half an hour later the dinnergong went & we trouped in - What an unusual hullabaloo was going on. Then shouts of "there he is" "thats him", " the man in white", me !

Apparently the cop had pursued me, & the first thing he saw in the yard was a bike with no light, leaning against the first verandah-post of the row of rooms in the yard. He knocked on the first door, Harry opened it, admitted the bike was his, while the cop searched his room for a man in white, but denied having lent it to anyone. the cop went from room to room, shouting "open up police". Anita was a very shy nervous girl, & when she heard the noise, she locked her door. The more the frustrated & impatient cop shouted & banged, the less Anita was going to open the door.

Eventually the girl who lived next door spoke to Anita through the door "It's OK, were all here, the policeman just wants you to open your door." At last the cop entered, looked under the bed, in the wardrobe - no man in white ! Then the cop announced

"When the culprit gives me an admission of guilt, I'll release this bike, which is evidence" He marched off wheeling the bike.

Harry was the only one, besides Anita, who did'nt think it was funny. I told Harry to go & demand his bike, the cop had no shred of proof that he had the bike in question.

On Sunday Harry had his bike, but he did not speak to me.
Monday morning cop walked into my office -

"Are you Mr. Schultz"


"Did you on, Saturday night, ride without a light on your bike, in Main street ?"

I knew then that Harry had taken the easy way, told him my name & where to find me. I paid the Admission of Guilt.

Cop scratched his head & said

"Dit was 'n blitzlikke disappearance"

He also mixed sy languages op.

Mrs. v.d. Linde's Losies Huis.
Took accordion lessons with Breval.
Joan spent holiday in Oct.'45, then to East London. Normandy hotel.

Jan. '46 Joan's Dad died.

March ? '46 Joan spent 3 weeks holiday, Imperial hotel Aliwal.

? Bought '39 Chev. coupe

Oct. 46 Home, via Bloemfontein, for 3 weeks holiday, Joan stayed at Menton Rd.& helped me put new rings in Chev. Went with me to Vereeniging for interview.

1.12.46.-31.12.47 Assist. Eng. Vereeniging Municipality.

April '47 Took Joan's Mom down to Durban in their Terraplane, weekend trip.

6.12.47 Married,in JHB.- Standerton, Cathedral Peak, Scottburgh for Xmas, JHB.

2.1.48-8.5.51 Vanderbijlpark Estate Co. Worked with John Flanagan, Howard West, Bert Dobson, Wilky Colebank, boss was Anderson.

Feb '49 Holiday in Fish Hoek. Had jaundice. Treated by Dr. Seftel. Stayed in "Outspan" Hotel, then in " Lanark" Hotel.

9.Sept '49 Trip to JHB to take delivery of '49 Oldsmobile "Big Six" £750. Met Mom at Williams Hunt-cheque! Bert & Ida Dobson drove Chev.back to Vanderbijl.

Easter 1950 Took Mom & Dad to Nelspruit in Oldsmobile. Stayed with Auntie Dora at Figtree Hotel. Drinks with Erna & Douglas on verandah of their house.
Picnic at Sabie River.
Took Dad with us to Havelock Mine.
Went with Erna to her friends from whom we bought "Figaro", who died a week later from cat flu.

?Went to Hluhluwe with Joan's Mom. Game guard rode in car. Had much rain. Not allowed out of camp without armed guard.

16.1.51. Allen born

15.7.51. Set off for Nairobi in Oldsmobile. 3300 miles, arrived 30.8.1951

1.9.51.-31.7.52. PWD Nairobi.
First week in Torr's Hotel, then one night in Queen's Hotel. Westwood Park Hotel for a few weeks until we took Dora Baden Lutkens' house. Kept Roger, dog, & cat. Stayed a few months until we got PWD house in Kileleshwa.
Sold Olds., bought Austin, then Peugeot 203

30.8.52. Sold Peugeot, train to Mombasa, boarded "Kenya Castle", to Durban. Dad & Mom met us, took me by car to JHB, Joan & Allen took train. Stayed with Folks while I sought job. *Bought Peugeot 203.

1.9.52 - 30.6.56.Kanthack & Partners
1952 Bought House in Roosevelt Park, 77 5th Ave. £4700

17.10.52. Colin born

May '55 Umhlanga Rocks holiday, 1 week. Hans & Marie Schnitzler came from their honeymoon at La Crete, spent day with us.
Ventriloquist show. Met the Dr. from Heilbron.

'56 Bought plot 65 in Ramsgate (1265 Linton Rd, Ramsgate)

'56 Had mumps.

7.56.-31.8.65 Town Eng. Stilfontein Health Committee

1.8.56 Joan & kids followed.
84 Jan Van Riebeeck Ave. (Geolocated by home movies)

1957 Holiday in Natal. Car is TY8864

'57 Built cottage. Bought white Borgward, took delivery 15th, Dec., left early 16th for Ramsgate. Contractor finishing off while we painted the whole place. Allen had chicken-pox.
Jock Munro bought Peugeot.

There is film of white Borgward at Van Riebeeck Ave, on first day of school.

April 1959 Built 15 Du Plooy St.

1959 is the date on the home movie, EAS thought it was May '60: To cottage for 1 week, then via Port St. Johns to East London, Weavers hotel, T.E.'s Conference

1960 Bought second Borgward, Traded in the white one.

3.8.60. Dale born, Klerksdorp.

Jan '61 Holiday at cottage,made film 'Circumstantial Evidence'
Overnight at Margate Hotel on way down, 31.12.60. Allen had bad fright from waiter.

18.Oct. '61 Joan in Klerksdorp Hospital.

Oct.61 Cottage again, blowout on way back near Bethlehem. Joan Dale & I.

May '62 Conference in Bulawayo. stayed with Bill & Rona Amos.

Jan. '63 Picked up Paice's caravan in P.E., on to Cape Town, camped at Hout Bay.

Easter '63 Allen to boarding-school in Jo'burg.

1963 Conference in Windhoek; SAR bus trip to Etosha.

1964-65 Allen & Colin to Pietersburg, College of the Little Flower.

Easter '64 Dale to Riverside with Fred & Hilary Van Zyl.

May-Aug '64 Toured Europe. England, France, Italy, Austria, Germany-Marie in Cologne, Eric & Louise in Hamburg. Switzerland. Boarded at Portsmouth.

19.8.64. Farewell dinner on board "Stirling Castle"
Jock Munro met us at Klerksdorp station in middle of the night, in our Peugeot, to take us home to Stilfontein.

22.8.64. Arrived at College of the Little Flower to see boys.

Xmas '64. Holiday at cottage.
May '65 Pietermaritzburg conference.

July '65 Picked up kids at C.L.F. to Kruger Nat. Park.

31.8.65 Arrived at Marine Parade, Bluff. Overnight in hotel because no furniture.
1.9.65.-28.2.67 Zakrewski & Partners
Project Eng. for Dano Textiles in Hammersdale

1.9.65 Rented house from Jim & Barbara Christie
1966 Allen & Colin to Westville Boys High

Dale to Berea West Primary.

Bought Stand, built 12 Tyne Place
Plot was R1700, contract for house R12500.

27th April 66 Moved in to Tyne Place.

4.5.66. Jenny born

Fetched Dad's DKW from JHB.

1.3.67.-31.7.68 Shire Construction. Project Eng. 75 Million Gal. Reservoir

June '68 Kelso Camp. Weekend. Boys there with Scouts. left Joan & kids there till the Wednesday. They had train trip from Kelso to Scottburgh & back.

1.8.68.-31.5.69.Dept. Special Works, Durban

Jan. '69 Coffee Bay for 2 weeks, kids in caravan in Park, us in hotel.

1969 Sold Ramsgate cottage, bought Lot 27 Atholl Heights. (3 Milton Rd)

'69 Colin Matric.

April '70 Building Plans, 3 Milton Rd. approved, owner-built house.

Dec. 70 Moved in.

1970 Allen to Tech. Colin Matric.

1970 Bought white Renault. Colin took green Borg.

16 12. 70 Moved into Milton Rd.

march 1971 - 75 Colin went to Kokstad

1971-72 Dale at Pitlochry school.

1971 Allen Durban Corp.+ Tech. Colin to SABC

1971 Cape holiday, Edinburgh Castle Durban to Cape Town, car on board, return via Garden Route. Stayed at Bantry Bay, Bernstein's flat.

1972 Jenny to Avon Infant School.

1972 Bought blue Renault. Sold DKW.

1973 Dale to Westville Boys High

Oct 73 To Kokstad for Colin's 21st

1974 Joan had hysterectomy.

1.6.69.-31.3.74. Campbell, Bernstein & Irving, R.E. at Mondi Paper Co

10.9.76 Joan's Mom died

1.4.74.-31.1.78. Jade Construction
Westville Boys High Pool
Water reticulation.Sunningdale. Umhlanga pipe.
Queensburgh Treatment works
SAR ticket offices
Albert Falls Dam treatment works.

Dec. '74 ?Purchased A.E.G. washing machine.

Dec.'74-Jan '75 Highland Nook, (McCleans). News re burglary at Milton Rd. Went home to see, left kids in camp, returned to finish holiday.

1975 Sewers in Westville.

1975 Allen & Colin to Europe.

1975 Toured Europe. Took over van from boys.

1975 Jenny to Pitlochry Primary School.

July 1975 Dad died, news while at Eric & Louise.

June '77 Joan left for England, bought "Dormobile".
30.6.77 Dale, Jenny & I took of for England, via Isle Da Sol. Joan met us at Heathrow with van.

July 1977 Toured Europe with Dale & Jenny; England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden,Italy, Kids flew from Milan, on 24th July.
We did Austria & France. Returned on 1st. Sept.

1.2.78.-15.9.89. Pinetown Municipality.

Feb 78 Bought '77 Datsun

3.6.78 Colin & Frieda married

June 78 Joined Natal Philatelic Society

30.9.78 Allen & Anne married

1979 Jenny to Westville Girls High

July '79 Eastern TVL trip with Dale & Jenny. Saw Hillary & new husband & stayed the night with them. Camped at Nelspruit & had dinner with Erna Hope.

Oct. 79. Joan & I joined the newly-formed Highway Philatelic Society; we were founder Members.

Dec. '79 Holiday at Christiana Guest Farm, & Golden Gate, only Jenny with us.

Sept 1980 Bought Opel.

Oct. '80 To Johannesburg to see Mom, with Jenny.

1981 Joan & Pat to Europe & Greece.

8.10.81 Thia born.

March '82-84 President of Highway Society.

6.8-2.9.82 I toured far East; Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan

Dec.82-Feb.83 Eric & Louise visited us. Hluhluwe, Drakensberg resorts. A & A took them to Ifafa for 1 week Dale took them To E. TVL.

5.8.83 Janet born.

Sept. 83 DURSA Exhibition.

7.10.83 Carl born

1983 Jenny Matric

13.1 84. Dale & Debbie married.

1984-85 Dale's Army period.

'84 White Mountain Inn, Colin & family in caravan, Allen & family, with Suzuki.

Jan. '84 Jenny & I to JHB to see Mom, 1 day trip.
Joan & Karen spent day with Allen & family at Ifafa Caravan Camp

20.6.84. Mom died.

Oct, 84 Okavango trip; JHB, Maun, Victoria Falls

27.3.- 11.4.85 Portugal trip, Lisbon, Estoril, Spain, Algarve. Hired car, toured whole S.Coast of Portugal. Purchased Time -Share at Clube Pria Da Oura, 1 week No. 37 unit E431. +- R6000. in Albufeira.

23.5.85. Wendy born

31.1.86. Retired, took extended service.

March '87 Bought 92 Forest Dr. R105000.

1.7.87.Moved into 102a Maryvale Westville R90000.

Oct. 87 Stopped over for weekend with Fanie & Rosa Koen in P.E. on way to Paarl. Koens took us to John & Madge Flanagan

27 Oct. 87. Bought Kelvinator Fridge- freezer.

Oct. 87 Delegates to Paarl Nat. Exhibition.

June & Charles Paice at Rondebosch

Train trip, Franschoek, Cape Town. Hired car, toured Cape.

April 88 Weekend at Cayly Lodge

Bought Champagne Valley Resort Timeshare. R8500.

Aug 88 Attended IWM Congress at DLI hall in Durban, as Treasurer for Natal Branch

Aug 88 Prostate Operation. Parklands

March 4-11 89 Champagne Valley Resort with Brian & Elizabeth de la Plain.

April 16-22 '89 Hluhluwe & Umfolozi Reserves. Grass too high!

May 22-24 1989 St. Michaels Sands to see Timeshare
25-27 Midmar Chalets, visited Mariniers' on Saturday. Trouble with Opel, arrived at Allens with much backfiring. Colin & family, Dale & Debbie, all there for Wendy's birthday. Colin helped me fix the points.

14.7.89 Bought "Ocean" dishwasher.

Sept. 16.1989 Started work at Geustyn Forsyth & Joubert Inc. as Temp. Clerk of Works, as R.E. on Dbn. Westville University contract to replace water reticulation. Ian Barker in charge of job.

Oct. 1 1989 Met Dale & Debbie at airport on their return from overseas trip.
unknown Went to Ixopo with Dale to help Colin fix Green Borgward after he rolled it.

Family & AES to Umdoni caravan Park to meet CCS for camp promotion day.

1965? Ebenezer dam with Koen's foldown caravan for weekend.

Easter trip to Kimberly, overnight at Christiana, saw Yangsti Incident in Town Hall 'bio'.

Weekend at Bilton Hotel Ramsgate, Colin joined us from Kokstad; he had had incident with cow chased onto road.

Boxing Day 195? Joined Mom Dad Trudi who were holidaying at Parys.

Willem Pretorious Game Reserve, Rondavel (Dale was small)
Easter '61? Duggans, Hotazel weekend

Umtentweni Caravan Park, 1 day. Allen & family + Malcom camping. Jenny & Vanessa with us.

Easter Camped at SAAME Park.

Midmar Mile swim for Dale. Camped, Colin & Helen ? joined us from Kokstad

Heilbron - Joan & I spent weekend with Dr.van der Merwe ?
I later spent weekend there doing Stormwater Drain Design for Heilbron Council.

Bought 2nd.-hand fold-down caravan.

Bought new fold-down caravan. First trip to Zinkwazi camp.


Joan gave me a 4.5f folding Zeiss camera, 2" x 2", as a wedding gift: I had always been keen on photography.

In Vanderbijl Park, after reading up on how enlargers work, I designed an enlarger, & having bought a lens & a condensser, asked dad to make one. This he did, with his usual excellent workmanship. I was already developing my own negatives, now I could set up a darkroom.

Joined the Vereeniging Camera ~Club.

When we went to Kenya, we took all the paraphenalia with us, & back with us to Roosevelt Park in 1952. That house had a laundry, which made a nice darkroom.

About 1953 I joined the Johannesburg Club.

To Stilfontein in' 56, & when we moved to the Du Plooy St. house, I used the pantry as the darkroom.

At one stage I became the President of the Western TVL Photographic & Cine Club. I was so busy with those affairs that I never got to doing much photography myself !

Approx. '58, colour came to photography, & I switched to colour slides - that was the end of serious Black & White work. Cine was the next step, with a Paillard 8mm camera, with a 3-lens turret head. A lot of films were put to sound, by means of my Telefunken tape recorder (May 1960). Music background too, what a lot of laborious work that was! But we made a lot of films. Cousin Walter & Erna came to see us one Sunday, & we made "Magic Basket" with our kids, on the lawn in front of the house in Jan van Riebeeck Ave.

By now I had a 35mm camera, 3.5f, & a hand-held lightmeter. Bought in Eloff St. JHB, & the Eumig still- projector on the same day.

Cine + tripod + 35mm all with us to Europe in '64 ! Cine in the cities, stills (slides) everywhere else. Back home, it took me 6 months to edit & put sound & commentary to the films.

When we built Milton Rd., in '70, it had a small darkroom, complete with sinks. Not used much. Sold the enlager. Bought a Minolta 35mm, then later a Konica, with tele. & other lenses.

No cine on the '77 europe trip.

In '78, we discovered that all the Agfa slides of the '64 &'75 trips had lost all their colour - everything was blue! The odd Kodak slides were Ok.

In '75, in Copenhagen, in a large supermarket-like camera shop, I bought a Paillard Cine with zoom lens.

On the '92 trip, I did'nt take any camera's at all; Joan took hers.

1995 - Trip to USA with Selma to see Dale in Chelmsford, & to see America. Took my Konica camera, used print film only.


Passed away at EL-Cheree - Home of the Elderly, near Sinoville, Gauteng, South Africa

[1] [S335] Dale Schultz

[2] [S92] Birth Certificate A97650

[3] [S335] Dale Schultz

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[55603] [S145] marriage certificate B515159