Father: Thomas ARNOLD (*1824 +1875)
Mother: Jane TINLEN (*26 Nov 1824 +16 Aug 1892)

George Thomas ARNOLD (*7 Aug 1852 +31 May 1927)

[21443] Wife 1 : Annie Slater BEZUIDENHOUT
  1. +Thomas Peter ARNOLD (*ABT 1898 +AFT 1927)
  2.  D'Urban ARNOLD ( )
  3. +Francis ARNOLD ( )
  4. +Georgina Fanny ARNOLD (*15 Feb 1902 +12 Apr 1949)
  5. +Henry Claude ARNOLD (*19 Aug 1905 +11 Feb 1973)
  6. +Wilfred Fisher ARNOLD (*7 Aug 1907 +12 Aug 1967)
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                  _John ARNOLD ___________|
                 |                        |________________
 _Thomas ARNOLD _|
|                |                         ________________
|                |_Elizabeth Jane OXFORD _|
|                                         |________________
|--George Thomas ARNOLD 
|                                          _Thomas TINLIN _
|                 _Andrew TINLEN _________|
|                |                        |________________
|_Jane TINLEN ___|
                 |                         ________________
                 |_Mary BRISTOL __________|

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[21440] Managed the Trafalgar Theatre and Bar (Durban) in the 1880s with his sister Emily.

From Anne Gallagher: George Thomas Arnold (Mapunga Arnold) born in Durban, South Africa and died at his farm in Southern Rhodesia (Insingisi) near Bindura.

He came over to Rhodesia via Beira and was told to go down to Durban and come up with Cecil John Rhodes and the pioneer column (which batch I am not sure – but was one of the first). He was employed to peg mines for Queen and country and assisted Baron Rezende in this quest. His wedding to Annie Bezuidenhout was the first to take place in a laager on the trek.

Affectionately known by the Africans as Mapunga Arnold. He had a white beard the colour of rice hence Mapunga meaning white. He shot two black maned lions with the two barrels of his shotgun and one or both their skins hung in Cape Town museum at one stage.

From Peter Gundry:
George Thomas Arnold and Cornelia Maria Bezuidenhout (his spinster sister-in-law) were executors for estate of his father-in-law Pieter Hendrik Schalk Bezuidenhout https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:939N-CFSY-MR?cc=1837900

The birth certificate for his son Henry Claude lists the birth place of George Thomas Arnold as England. This is suspicious, since GTA's parents arrived in Durban in 1850 with their eldest daughter, before GTA was born in 1852. Perhaps they regarded Durban as a bit of 'England'!

[21441] [21442]

[NF1532] He married just outside Fort Victoria in a laager and had the wedding registered at St Mary’s Cathedral in Salisbury.

Cathedral Church of St Mary and All Saints on 18 June 1896. Info is held at the Cathedral, Salisbury, Marriage Register, December 1891 – September 1908 (in National Archives) Rhodesia.

[21443] [S612] Birth certificate of Henry Claude Arnold

[21435] [S154] Biographical Series on British Settlers in Natal

[21436] [S154] Biographical Series on British Settlers in Natal

[21437] [S407] Yvonne Arnold

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[21439] [S237] Death Certificate

[56217] [S409] Ann Gallagher