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Father: Christian Carl August SCHREIB (*20 May 1828 )
Mother: Louise Johanna ABEL (*2 Jun 1830 +1 Dec 1871)

Anna Marie Charlotte SCHREIB (*4 Jan 1865 +16 Nov 1942)

Husband 1 : Paul Louis SCHWARZER
  1.  Alfred SCHWARZER (*Oct 1888 )
  2.  Paul SCHWARZER (*Nov 1891 )
  3.  Charles SCHWARZER (*Oct 1893 )
  4.  Harold SCHWARZER (*ABT 1907 )
Husband 2 : Carl Adolf WUNDERLICH

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                                                                _Joachim Ernst SCHREIP _________________+
                                  _Joachim Conrad SCHREIB _____|
                                 |                             |_Anna Catharine BESMANN ________________
 _Christian Carl August SCHREIB _|
|                                |                              _Christian WICHERT _____________________
|                                |_Dorothea Elisabeth WICHERT _|
|                                                              |________________________________________
|--Anna Marie Charlotte SCHREIB 
|                                                               _Christian ABEL ________________________+
|                                 _Johann Joachim David ABEL __|
|                                |                             |_Maria Elizabeth HITSCHER ______________+
|_Louise Johanna ABEL ___________|
                                 |                              _Johann Joachim WICHERT ________________+
                                 |_Dorothea Sophia WICHERT ____|
                                                               |_Hanna Maria Dorothea Friderica SCHULZ _+

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[1975] Paten:
5) Marie Schreib (Jungfrau) aus Lidenberg [Lindenberg ?]

From Genealogy

Lived in America according to Luise Partz (in a letter Januray 2000)

1900 census, New York
From Genealogy

According to Ilse Schreib, Anna Schreib settled in New Jersey and married Wunderlich in Hamburg in 1923.

Anna visited Germany again in 1928 when Ilse was 12 years old. She said that Anna sailed from New York to Cuxhaven and then travelled from Cuxhaven to Hamburg by train.

Anna returns from Germany as Anna Wunderlich in 1929:
naturalization: USP 584445 issued in Washington in 10 April 1929.
The number 584445 matches the number of her husband Charles (Carl) Wunderlich!

From Genealogy

Note the address of 443 Ogden Avenue, Jersey City, NJ matches that of the 1930 census...

1930 census entry for her with Charles Wunderlich:
443 Ogden Avenue, Jersey City, Hudson, NJ
Wunderlich, Charles (Head) aged 53 born in Germany, a helper in Confectionary
Wunderlich, Anna (wife - Homemaker) aged 65, born in Germany, age at first marriage 23, immigrated 1891
Schwartzer, Harold (Son) aged 22, born in New York, unmarried, Helper plumber

From Genealogy

1940 Census entry NJ.9-254
She and Charles Wunderlich are at the Fritz Reuter Altenheim, North Bergen, Hudson County, NJ
Charles aged 63 Widowed!
Anna aged 74 indicated as being Single!

census image

Marian Gabel recalls that she lived in the Fritz Reuter home in North Bergen. According to the home:
January 4 1865 Born in Wilsnack came to Reuter in September 8 1938 died November 16 1942. She was cremated. 77 years old. She belonged to the St.John Lutheran Church in North Bergen. The Minister's name was Pastor Tamke.


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