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Father: Christian Friderich ABEL (*24 Oct 1736 +21 Mar 1777)
Mother: Charlotte Louisa KLASE

Christian ABEL (*ABT 1774 )

Wife 1 : Maria Elizabeth HITSCHER
  1.  George Christian ABEL (*ABT 1797 )
  2. +Johann Joachim David ABEL (*14 Sep 1802 +10 May 1836)
  3. +Maria ABEL
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                                                         _Andreas ABEL ________+
                             _Christian ABEL ___________|
                            |                           |_Ilsabeth BöTTICHER _+
 _Christian Friderich ABEL _|
|                           |                            ______________________
|                           |_Elisabeth Dorothea GROTE _|
|                                                       |______________________
|--Christian ABEL 
|                                                        ______________________
|                            ___________________________|
|                           |                           |______________________
|_Charlotte Louisa KLASE ___|
                            |                            ______________________

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[14642] In the parish register there is a note in the margin of the marriage with Maria Hitscher that Christian Abel was born 20 August 1863. This is incorrect. The Christian Abel who was born on that date died on 5th June 1767 of pox. That was brother Christian Friderich Otto Abel.

Christian's father is listed in the marriage entry as Christian Abel, a Ratsher (councilor). That man was also the father of Christain Friderich Otto Abel. His first wife, Catherina Reincke died in 1763 and he remarried in 1764, with Charlotta Klase, whith whom at least 5 children were produced up until May 1772 as shown by the parish birth register which ends in Novenber 1773.

Since this Christian's father was also the only Christain Abel who was a Ratsher in the town it is therefore assumed that he was born after November 1773

[14643] [S185] Kirchenbuch, Evangelishe Pfarreampt, Bad Wilsnack

[28428] [S185] Kirchenbuch, Evangelishe Pfarreampt, Bad Wilsnack