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Father: Louis WOLF (*8 Oct 1884 +27 Oct 1971)
Mother: Helen Dorcas BELOW (*6 Apr 1887 +16 Aug 1966)

Joan Margaret WOLF (*6 Jan 1927 +14 Mar 2010)

[20822] Husband 1 : George Anthony BLISTAIN
  1. +Joan Kerry BLISTAIN
  2. +Margaret Joyce BLISTAIN
  3. +George Eric BLISTAIN (Private)
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                      |                      |_______________________________________
 _Louis WOLF _________|
|                     |                       _______________________________________
|                     |______________________|
|                                            |_______________________________________
|--Joan Margaret WOLF 
|                                             _Johann Carl Christian BELOW __________
|                      _Frank Hiram BELOW ___|
|                     |                      |_Johanna Friederica Christina SCHREIB _+
|_Helen Dorcas BELOW _|
                      |                       _______________________________________
                      |_Helen Dorcas BRYANT _|

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[20821] Joan lived at 117 South Maple, Webster Groves, Missouri, for all but a small part of her childhood. She attended Bristol Elementary School and Webster Groves High School, graduating in 1944. She then attended Washington University in St. Louis and graduated in 1948 with Bachelor's Degrees in Social Studies and English. She was a member of Delta Gamma Sorority. After graduation and before she had children, Joan was a Social Worker for the State of Missouri, specializing in Geriatrics.
She has always been active in volunteer work, serving Cub Scouts as a Troup Leader, Girl Scouts as Leader and Neighborhood Chairman, and PTA. She is a lifelong member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church and served as a Sunday School Teacher and on Altar Guild, among other things. Her generous and caring nature was demonstrated when she took in a troubled foster child, Florence Green, in 1954. Florence lived with Joan and her family until she graduated from high school and got married around 1960, but Joan continued to be a positive influence on Florence's life for many years after that. She also worked as a sales clerk for Famous Barr for seven years after her children were grown.
In 1990, Joan sold the family home at 223 Simmons, Webster Groves, Missouri, and moved permanently to her summer home at Bay Lake, Minnesota.

[NF2830] Emmanuel Episcopal Church

NOTE After their marriage, George and Joan rented an apartment, which had be
CONC en converted from a carriage house, behind a large home on Westminster A
CONC venue. I have the street address somewhere.
NOTE George and Joan rented this house when they moved to Willow Springs.
NOTE George and Joan moved to another rental house in Willow Springs in 1952
NOTE When George was transferred back to St. Louis, he and Joan bought this h
CONC ouse in Webster Groves.

[20822] [S753] George Blistain

[20820] [S754] Margaret Joyce Blistain, Margaret Joyce Blistain, Interviewer: George Eric Blistian, Informant Address: Deerwood, Minnesota (14 March 2010)

[20823] [S733] Journals of Louis Wolf (, 1921–1967), originals privately held by George Eric Blistain, [address for private use], 2014 (Grandson). Personal journals covering 1921-1926 & 1946-1967..