Father: George Henry WILLIAMS (*12 Apr 1885 +15 Aug 1956)
Mother: Ethel JAGO (*6 Oct 1884 +1971)

George Henry WILLIAMS (*16 Aug 1916 )

[26710] Wife 1 : Emily HODGE
  1. +Donald WILLIAMS
  2. +Jeanette WILLIAMS
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                                             _Edmund WILLIAMS __+
                          _George WILLIAMS _|
                         |                  |_Susannah HOLLAND _
 _George Henry WILLIAMS _|
|                        |                   ___________________
|                        |_Fanny AYRIS _____|
|                                           |___________________
|--George Henry WILLIAMS 
|                                            ___________________
|                         __________________|
|                        |                  |___________________
|_Ethel JAGO ____________|
                         |                   ___________________

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[26709] On back of photo of Bankstown Soldiers Memorial:
Dear Jenny
I'm sending you this photo of the flowers George had at his funeral as he was cremated, the flowers were placed on the Soldiers Memorial at Bankstown and they looked so lovely, Ted got the photo's taken of them and I thought you would like one.
Your Loving Sister

George had a split triangle shoulder badge.Ted had a small triangle embedded in a larger triangle, small triangle was later inverted. George had a plumper face and slightly misshapened front tooth.

George Henry Williams Jnr

Ted Williams, Ethel & George Snr Williams, George Williams

GH Williams Snr & Jnr 1942

Ethel, George, Ted Williams

Ted & George Williams

Ted & George Williams

George Henry Williams

[26710] [S376] Nicole Vought