Father: George Henry WILLIAMS (*12 Apr 1885 +15 Aug 1956)
Mother: Ethel JAGO (*6 Oct 1884 +1971)

Edmund John WILLIAMS (*16 Aug 1916 +6 May 2001)

[26646] Wife 1 : Molly CRAMP

Wife 2 : Gloria Anne GLASSON

  1. +Nicole Gai WILLIAMS (Private)
  2. +Shane Alexander WILLIAMS (Private)
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                                             _Edmund WILLIAMS __+
                          _George WILLIAMS _|
                         |                  |_Susannah HOLLAND _
 _George Henry WILLIAMS _|
|                        |                   ___________________
|                        |_Fanny AYRIS _____|
|                                           |___________________
|--Edmund John WILLIAMS 
|                                            ___________________
|                         __________________|
|                        |                  |___________________
|_Ethel JAGO ____________|
                         |                   ___________________

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[26645] The Eulogy for Ted read by David Bracey at his Funeral.
Ted was borne in Sydney 84 years ago.
He grew up in Maroubra, where he spent a great deal of his youth in the healthy pastime of surfing.
Ted was one of six children and is survived by only one brother...Bert.
As, many would know, Ted was a teetotaller, although not a wouser. Some years ago he explained to me that he simply just did not enjot a drink, and in any case his twin brother George consumed enough for both of them.

Ted moved to Lithgow, joining our company as a grocer.
After the outbreak of war he enlisted in the Army, serving in Palestine, Syria and Egypt, and in 1943 his unit, the 2/3 Pioneer Battalion was sent to New Guinea for a year.
His managemint skills were recognised, and he was made an officer.
When discharged on 1st November, 1945 he held the rank of Captain.
Ted returned to civillian life in Lithgow becoming our Grocery Manager.

My earlies recollection of Ted was, at about 5 years old when he gave me a job unpacking eggs.
In those days eggs came in large wooden crates and had to be stacked on the shelf by hand, Ted came quickly to my rescue and, like any good manager, found something positive to say to encourage me. He told Mum that I had not broken any eggs...just squeezed a few.

At one time he managed the Ford garage on the corner of Lithgow and Main Streets, but most people in Lithgow came to know Ted in his position as General Manager of Braceys, a position he held for many years.
He had the ability to manage the staff, the store, complete the paperwork, and stop to talk to staff and customers alike, and there were not many people in town he had not spoken to.
In the early eighties Ted retired as GM, but within a week or so he was back as Paint manager, another job he excelled at. Some years later he again retired, only to return as a casual in the hardware.

Good managers make decisions -
Ted was a great manager because he did make decisions and they were usually right. He always showed good judgement and gave sensible explanations.

There were many lessons he taught me, one in particular was when gives a job, don't procrastinate, do it quickly and as directed. There were many stories, but they are not for telling in the Lords House.
Other than funerals there was not much he disliked.

He was very loyal to the Bracey family and the business, and would never have anything said against us... and I consider myself most fortunate to have had Ted as my mentor.

Ted served as a member of the Lithgow Legacy Club for many years, and enjoyed helping the widows and children.
He enjoyed breeding Pekinese dogs.
He enjoyed working at Braceys, (or "Our" shop as he often referred to it) and the prople he met there.
He enjoyed tading his dog Mac for walks, but above all he enfoyed and loved his family. Anne, his wife of almost 36 years, his daughter Nicole and his son Shane, and was always proud to tell us of their achievements and his grandchildren Joshua and Ashlea.

Ted was not a man to complain, no matter what fate served him, he endured it gracefully even during the last year or so whilst in declining health.

Ted has run his race, and run it well.

The difference between Ted and George.
George had a split triangle shoulder badge.Ted had a small triangle embedded in a larger triangle, small triangle was later inverted. George had a plumper face and slightly misshapened front tooth.

Ted Williams, Ethel & George Snr Williams, George Williams

robert vought

Joshua Vought & Ted Williams

Ted, Ethel & George Williams

Ted & Anne Williams

Ted Bert Ethel Doris Cis June 1993

Ted Williams & medals Anzac Day 25-4-93

Ethel, George, Ted Williams

Ted 18 yrs old

Ted & George 3yrs old

Peter Janson & Ted Williams

Ted Williams

Ted & George 6mths

Ted & George Williams

Edmund John Williams Eulogy 2001

Edmund John Williams

Ted Williams

Ted & George Williams

Ted, Frank(Ethel's Husband) & George

[26646] [S376] Nicole Vought