Elisabeth Dorothea GROTE

Husband 1 : Christian ABEL
  1.  Johann Christian ABEL (*9 Mar 1733 )
  2. +Catharina Elisabeth ABEL (*26 Oct 1734 )
  3. +Christian Friderich ABEL (*24 Oct 1736 +21 Mar 1777)
  4.  Andreas ABEL (*28 May 1739 )
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[26041] baptism records show Christian Abel having children with Elizabeth and Dorothea Grote.
I suspect that she was Elizabeth Dorothea Grote or Dorothea Elizabeth Grote.

I am confident that this is the same woman as the baptisms show the same name and occupation for the father and the births are legitimate. There is also no other Christian Abel in the own at the time. There is a pattern in the town of using one of the mothers given names at baptisms.

[26040] [S185] Kirchenbuch, Evangelishe Pfarreampt, Bad Wilsnack

[26042] [S185] Kirchenbuch, Evangelishe Pfarreampt, Bad Wilsnack