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Father: Walter Howard SCHREIB (*12 Feb 1930 +17 Aug 1991)
Mother: Marjorie Ann FLEMING (*28 Dec 1930 +23 Mar 2012)

Raymond Howard SCHREIB (*12 Nov 1948 +23 Jul 2018)

Wife 1 : Elizabeth PALMER
  1.  Tina Marie SCHREIB (Private)
  2. +Nicole Dianne SCHREIB (Private)
  3.  Jaime Lynn SCHREIB (Private)
Wife 2 : Eleanor RAUSE

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                                                      _August Friedrich Wilhelm SCHREIB _+
                          _Clarence Adam SCHREIB ____|
                         |                           |_Augusta DETTMAN __________________
 _Walter Howard SCHREIB _|
|                        |                            ___________________________________
|                        |_Myrtle Elizabeth BARSTOW _|
|                                                    |___________________________________
|--Raymond Howard SCHREIB 
|                                                     ___________________________________
|                         ___________________________|
|                        |                           |___________________________________
|_Marjorie Ann FLEMING __|
                         |                            ___________________________________

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[22249] Note that the same marriage date has been given for both wives

Obituray from:

GREECE - Husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, son and brother, passed away suddenly while out fish­ing, his single greatest joy in life after spending time with his family. He will forever be remembered by his loving wife, Ellie, by his daughters, Tina Schreib, Nicole Schreib, Jaime (Todd) Kane; step-sons, Robert (Melissa) Peterson, Nicholas (Tiffany) Testa, Luis Marti­nez, and his many cherished grandchildren and great-grandchildren; nephew, Robert Pencence. He was predeceased by his parents, Walter and Marjorie, and his brother Craig.

He will remain in the hearts of all of the friends and family who were lucky enough to know him. After failing to land that final fish, he observed “that was a lot of fun” before peacefully passing from this world.

A Celebration of Ray’s life will be held at Red Fedele’s Brook House on Friday, July 27th at 11 AM.

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