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Father: Johann Adolf Christian Carl SCHREIB (*25 Sep 1811 +5 May 1893)
Mother: Johanna Christiana LIESKE (*1822 +8 Mar 1891)

Heinrich Carl Friedrich SCHREIB (*16 May 1860 +15 Jun 1898)

[21096] Wife 1 : Bertha YOST
  1.  Martha SCHREIB (*Sep 1882 )
  2.  Charles SCHREIB (*Oct 1887 )
  3.  Albert SCHREIB ( +8 Aug 1891)
  4. +Henry Albert SCHREIB (*3 May 1891 +26 Aug 1958)
  5.  Jeanette SCHREIB (*Jan 1894 )
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                                                                         _Joachim Ernst SCHREIB _+
                                        _Johann Carl Christian SCHREIB _|
                                       |                                |_ GRABAU _______________
 _Johann Adolf Christian Carl SCHREIB _|
|                                      |                                 ________________________
|                                      |_Rosine Caroline RINOW _________|
|                                                                       |________________________
|--Heinrich Carl Friedrich SCHREIB 
|                                                                        ________________________
|                                       ________________________________|
|                                      |                                |________________________
|_Johanna Christiana LIESKE ___________|
                                       |                                 ________________________

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[21093] Schreib famly on a passenger list coming into New York in 6 August 1872 on ship Lady Bowen

Schreib, Johann aged 55 male mason (he was actually 60!)
Schreib, Christiana, aged 50 female wife
Schreib, Johanna, aged 21, daughter (she was really 19!)
Schreib, August, aged 14, son
Schreib, Heinrich, aged 12, son
Schreib, Maria, aged, 8 1/2, daughter

Passenger lists 24 Jul 1872-13 Aug 1872 (NARA Series M237, Roll 363)

The 1930 cenus for his son Henry states that Henry's parents were both born in Germany

From Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on June 16 1898
DOD June 15 1898

June 16, 1898
Henry Schriebe Was Kicked to Death by a Frantic Horse
Rendered Unconscious
Was thrown from the wagon and died ten minutes after assistance
reached him—A verdict of accidental death rendered.
Henry Schriebe, employed by Charles Weidman of Despatch, drove in from that place yesterday morning with a load of lumber. His wagon was one that is ordinarily used to haul lumber in, having no box. The horses which were the cause of his death were large powerful animals. After having delivered his lumber he started homeward. Going east he had passed nearly through Thompson avenue, a thoroughfare running from the rear of the Palmer fire works plant to within a few hundred yards of Culver street, when his horses became unmanageable.
Schriebe was seen to lean from the front of his wagon, probably to arrange a portion of the harness and in so doing startled the horses. The reins dropped to the ground, and in attempting to recover them Schriebe received a fearful blow to the head from the hoof of the nigh horse, but this did not cause him to cease his efforts to recover the lines. In rounding the corner of Barnum street Schriebe was heard to shout, “Oh! help me!”
These were the last words that he uttered. He made another attempt to recover the reins and this time received a blow that rendered him unconscious. He laid in the center of his wagon with the horses galloping at full speed toward the railroad tracks.
Tearing along directly south the frightened animals made a break for the lawn that is in front of the Rochester Car Wheels Works office, where two heavy hitching posts were ripped up in a twinkling, but the animals kept right on, tearing up the lawn with their heavy hoofs, until they struck the edge of the shed that is at the southeast end of the wheel works grounds. Here they swerved out into the road again, but only for an instant, and turning a sharp right angle the horses described a circle in the field which lies between the wheel works and the Central-Hudson coal shutes, and brought up against a clump of earth that caused the body to slide from the wagon.
The animals were stopped immediately after this by Frank McGann, who had come from the wheel works.
By this time many of the employees of the wheel works had run out, and the superintendent, W. Noble Thompson, was at the side of the bleeding and mangled man almost as soon as Schriebe fell from the wagon.
The man’s skull had been crushed and his shoulders and breast were bruised and torn.
Police commissioner C.T. Chapin immediately sent for water and restoratives, but they were of no avail. A few groans were the only sounds made by the dying man. The Homeopathic Hospital ambulance was telephoned for.
Everything that could be done for the unfortunate man was performed, but just as the ambulance crossed the Central-Hudson tracks the man gave one or two convulsive shudders and was dead.
Coroner Kleindienst was called, and after viewing the body ordered it taken to the morgue.
Blood covered the wagon and one of the horses, and altogether it was a gruesome sight. The progress of the runaway was plainly marked by the upturned posts and the ploughed-up sward. Schriebe was 35 years old and is survived by a wife and three children. The family lived in Despatch.
Coroner Kleindienst Impaneled a jury and an inquest was held at the morgue last evening. Charles Weidman, of Despatch, by whom Schriebe was employed, testified that the same team had run away once before. Two eye witnesses of the accident said that they saw the team going at a frightful rate of speed but they did not see Schriebe until he fell from the wagon. Another eye witness saw one of the horses strike Schriebe with its hoof while he was leaning over.
Dr. H. D. Shepard, of the Homeopathic Hospital, said that a fractured skull was the cause of death. The coroner’s jury rendered a verdict of accidental death.

[21094] [21095]


City of Rochester Archives and Records Center
Historic Marriage Records Research Site Search Results
(Scroll down to see the entire record)
Page Number 143
Date of Marriage 11/23/1882
Husband's First Name HENRY
Husband's Middle Name
Husband's Last Name SCHREIB
State NY
Husband's Age 22
Husband's Color W
Husband's Occupation LABORER
Husband's Birth Place MECKLENBURG STR
Husband's Birth State NY
Husband's Father's First Name CARL
Husband's Father's Middle Name
Husband's Father's Last Name SCHREIB
Husband's Mother's First Name CHRISTA
Husband's Mother's Maiden Name
Husband's Mother's Last Name HAAS
Husband's Number of Marriages 1
Wife's First Name BERTHA
Wife's Middle Name
Wife's Maiden Last Name YOST
Residence/City E BRIGHTON
Residence_State -
Wife's Age 24
Wife's Color W
Wife's Birth Place POMERANIA
Wife's Birth State -
Wife's Father's First Name HENRY
Wife's Father's Middle Name
Wife's Father's Last Name YOST
Wife's Mother's First Name WILHNA
Wife's Mother's Middle Name
Wife's Mother's Maiden Name ROSIN
Wife's Number of Marriages 1
Marriage Official's Name A RICHTER
Marriage Official's Position
Where Recorded
Roll Number 1

[21096] [S696] Holger Hartmann

[21086] [S704] Nicole Meyer Schreib

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