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Father: Roelf STRYDOM
Mother: Deborah GEORGIOU (Private)

Michelle K STRYDOM

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                    |                   |_________________________________
 _Roelf STRYDOM ____|
|                   |                    _________________________________
|                   |___________________|
|                                       |_________________________________
|--Michelle K STRYDOM 
|                                        _________________________________
|                    _Stavros GEORGIOU _|
|                   |                   |_________________________________
|_Deborah GEORGIOU _|
                    |                    _Wilfred Fisher ARNOLD __________+
                    |_Yvonne ARNOLD ____|
                                        |_Avice Dolena Adelaide MATTHEWS _

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[17449] from:
Dr. Michelle Strydom is a Zimbabwean who trained and qualified as a medical doctor in South Africa and who founded Eagles' Wings Ministries.
A book published by them by Dr MK Strydom thanks her parents Roelf and Debbie Strydom and also refers to Yvonne and Stavros Georgiou