Erna Rita Emma SCHOOF (*10 Sep 1912 +31 Dec 2002)

From left to right, back row, Ernst Schultz, Martha Schreib, Hans Schultz, Herman Schultz, Marie "Millie" du Plooy
Seated: Erna Schoof holding Reinhart Meano, Walter Meano, Helene von Kock, Ursula Schultz, August Schultz, Dora Schultz, Erna Schmeck
Kneeling: Selma Schultz, Helene Schultz
Photograph taken about July 1937
Husband 1 : Fioravanti Walter MEANO
  1. +Rheinhart Felix MEANO (*6 Jan 1937 +29 Mar 1999)
  2. +Walda MEANO (Private)
  3. +Eric Walter MEANO (*27 Aug 1943 +29 Mar 1999)
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[3690] Refused to give up her handbag in an armed robbery in a bank on 1st June 1996 ! - incident related in letter from Ernst Schultz June 1996

[3687] [S398] Walda Meano

[3688] [S398] Walda Meano

[3689] [S398] Walda Meano