Father: Floyd W. LABRUM (*6 Dec 1916 )
Mother: Ora BASTIAN (*23 Aug 1920 )

Ivan Clark LABRUM

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                                             _Thomas George LABRUM _+
                    _William Arthur LABRUM _|
                   |                        |_Maria Ann GOUGH ______+
 _Floyd W. LABRUM _|
|                  |                         _______________________
|                  |_May Bell REYNOLDS _____|
|                                           |_______________________
|--Ivan Clark LABRUM 
|                                            _______________________
|                   ________________________|
|                  |                        |_______________________
|_Ora BASTIAN _____|
                   |                         _______________________

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Dr. I. Clark Labrum is a 1980 magna cum laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He completed a three year post graduate orthopedics program from Texas Chiropractic College in 1989. He received his diplomate in orthopedics from the American Board of Chrirpactic Orthopedists in 1990, Dr. Labrum is a member of Pi Tau Delta, International Chirpractic Honor Society. Dr. Labrum has been active in the state chiropractic associations serving as vice president of the Utah Chiropractic Association in 1988 and also was awarded with the District Leader of the Year award in 1989. He has been in practice in St. George since 1985.

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