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Dale Rigouts WHITEHEAD (*22 Feb 1915 +30 Oct 1993)

[24005] Wife 1 : Helen Dorcas WOLF
  1. +Charlotte Carol WHITEHEAD
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[NF2707] Debbi had long quesioned whether Dale Whitehead was her biological father even though he married her mother prior to Debbi's birth and is listed as her father on her birth certificate. Genetic testing in 2020-2021 showed that Dale was not Debbi's biological father.

[24005] [S753] George Blistain

[24004] [S857] Deborah Dorcas Whitehead, Deborah Dorcas Whitehead e-mail, Recipient: George E. Blistain,via Facebook 23 May 2011

[28764] [S733] Journals of Louis Wolf (, 1921–1967), originals privately held by George Eric Blistain, [address for private use], 2014 (Grandson). Personal journals covering 1921-1926 & 1946-1967..