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Frederick W BUHLMAN (*1877 +1942)

Wife 1 : Lena SCHREIB

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[23069] Son of Henry Buhlman and Sophie Bohr


[NF2641] City of Rochester Archives and Records Center
Historic Marriage Records Research Site Search Results
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Page Number 177
Date of Marriage 04/28/1898
Husband's First Name FREDERICK
Husband's Middle Name W
Husband's Last Name BUHLMANN
State NY
Husband's Age 20
Husband's Color W
Husband's Occupation FARMER
Husband's Birth Place ROCHESTER
Husband's Birth State NY
Husband's Father's First Name HENRY
Husband's Father's Middle Name
Husband's Father's Last Name BUHLMANN
Husband's Mother's First Name SOPHIE
Husband's Mother's Maiden Name
Husband's Mother's Last Name BOHR
Husband's Number of Marriages 1
Wife's First Name LENA
Wife's Middle Name
Wife's Maiden Last Name SCHRIEB
Residence/City ROCHESTER
Residence_State -
Wife's Age 19
Wife's Color W
Wife's Birth Place C BRIGHTON
Wife's Birth State -
Wife's Father's First Name FRED
Wife's Father's Middle Name
Wife's Father's Last Name SCHRIEB
Wife's Mother's First Name RICKE
Wife's Mother's Middle Name
Wife's Mother's Maiden Name VOSS
Wife's Number of Marriages 1
Marriage Official's Name J F W HELMKAMP
Marriage Official's Position CLERGYMAN
Where Recorded
Roll Number 2

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