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Thomas Albert BOOTH (*11 Nov 1929 +13 May 2013)

Wife 1 : Joan Lillian ARNOLD

  1. +Thomas George BOOTH (Private)
  2. +Lynette Joan BOOTH (Private)
  3. +Robert Henry BOOTH (Private)
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[19284] grandson of Thomas Booth ( 20 June 1855 Newton Abbot England - 1 October 1891)
son of Thomas Booth (1 Aug 1902, Cape Town, SA) and Jessica Rosalind Nicholls (1 Feb 1905 - 4 October 1971) Kimberly.


He went to Alan Wilson Boys High School
Pushed through a window on train as an infant.
Raised by his aunt in Rhodesia


[19281] [S610] Patricia Arnold

[19282] [S610] Patricia Arnold

[19283] [S331] Facebook

[19286] [S610] Patricia Arnold