Sarah Elizabeth ARMER (*1889 +1971)

Husband 1 : George Edward LABRUM
  1.  Rene Maud LABRUM (*20 May 1909 +3 Jun 1909)
  2. +George Edward Day LABRUM (*1913 +6 Sep 1997)
  3. +Allison May Day LABRUM (*1915 +16 Aug 1991)
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[19236] [John&Elenor onwards.FTW]

Sarah and George were married in St Luke's Church in Wellinton by Chas Tisdall. Their witness es were G.GREY, Wharepoa, Farmer and Ed.ARMER from Rotorua, a Waggoner.
Sarah remarried in 1927 to John Joseph Keoghan.

[NF584] [John&Elenor onwards.FTW]

Sarah & George were married in the St Luke's Church in Rotorua. Thewitnesses were G.Grey fro m Wharepoa, a Farmer, and Ed Armer (Sarah'sFather) from Rotorua, a Waggoner. The Officiatin g Minister was Chas ATisdall. George states birthplace, Newmarket N.Z, occ - Driver.
Present & usual residence: George - Rotorua, Sarah - Rotorua.

[19233] [S3] Marlene O'Neil

[19234] [S3] Marlene O'Neil

[19235] [S3] Marlene O'Neil

[55992] [S3] Marlene O'Neil