George LAVEROCK (*14 Jun 1836 )

Wife 1 : Mary Ann LABRUM
  1.  Albert George LAVEROCK (*19 Jun 1880 )
  2.  Elsie May LAVEROCK (*1 May 1882 +20 Jan 1959)
  3.  Jane Ann LAVEROCK (*21 Mar 1885 +2 May 1885)
  4.  John Caraus LAVEROCK (*22 Oct 1886 +12 Mar 1955)
  5.  William LAVEROCK (*12 Nov 1891 +16 Oct 1892)
  6.  Hepsybah Amelia LAVEROCK (*16 Mar 1895 +11 Apr 1895)
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George LAVEROCK came to New Zealand sometime in the late 1870's. The first sighting of him o n the Electoral rolls was in 1878-79 in Taupo where he was working as a Baker.
When he married Mary Ann LABRUM she had stated on the marriage certificate that she was the W idow Mrs SPRATT. I believe that George never knew this was incorrect and probably was unawar e that her real husband David CLARKSON was still very much alive. There is no doubt this wa s a bigamist marriage but I don't think George was aware of this fact. For the next seven yea rs the family lived in the Auckland area with George still working as a Baker. Then in 1899-1 902 George is at Petane in the Hawkes Bay district working as a Shepherd.
That is the last written sighting of George. The family lore suggests he fell in a river an d drowned. There has never been a death certificate issued for him and I have found no furthe r trace of him. I asked the local police about missing people and was told that if there wa s no body, no death certificate could be issued. After seven years it was up to the family t o apply for a death certificate. This would have been left to Mary Ann to do but by then sh e was residing with Philip BAILEY.

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