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Marthinus Theunis Steyn DESSELSS (*29 Dec 1899 +20 Sep 1974)

Wife 1 : Patricia Nancy LUTKENS

  1. +Patricia Minnie DESSELSS (Private)
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[1628] from Neville Desselss, (South Africa):
From what I know, Martinus Theunis Steyn ( MTS ) Desselss had 3 brothers & 3 sisters, Martinus Steyn Desselss, Paulus Maartens Desselss, J Christoffel (Basie) Desselss, Anna Desselss, Corrie Desselss and Mara Desselss. They were the children of Andries Jacobus Desselss and Anna Jacoba Maartens.

MTS Desselss was married to Miemie Illing. They had / have a daughter by the name of Maria born November 1929. ( We came into contact in 2007 and she lives in Wales ).
Maria has a daughter Caroline.

Steyn also married a schoolteacher before Pat Lutkens (3rd wife)

One of MTS Desselss' brothers was Paulus Maartens Desselss ( my father's father ) and our family tree continues from there.

[1625] [S224] Patricia Desselss

[1626] [S224] Patricia Desselss

[1627] [S224] Patricia Desselss

[27350] [S224] Patricia Desselss