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Erich Franz BRAUN (*16 Jun 1923 +26 May 2008)

Wife 1 : Luise Anna Else PARTZ

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[173] Served in U9 and U29 in WW II did 6 patrols on active duty.
U9 was bombed in the Black Sea and he spend 4-5 hours in the water before being rescued by a German battleship.

In 1983 he related how they sank the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle in the Mediteranean. That ship appears to have buen sunk by U73. U29 sank he HMS Couragous.

Joined the Marine when he was 18 (ca 1941)

28 November 1992 - Johannesburg

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[170] [S182] Luise Partz

[171] [S182] Luise Partz

[172] [S182] Luise Partz

[174] [S182] Luise Partz

[175] [S182] Luise Partz

[27386] [S182] Luise Partz