Frederick William ROWSON (*24 Aug 1879 )

Wife 1 : Elizabeth Ann LABROM
  1.  Frederick ROWSON ( )
  2. +Jack ROWSON ( )
  3. +George Henry ROWSON (*21 Nov 1915 +ABT May 1996)
  4. +William Charles ROWSON
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[15069] From Jill Dales:
He was the eldest child of Thomas Frederick Rowson and Elizabeth Stones. Thomas and Eli8zabeth had eleven children - eight sons and three daughters, and apart from one son who was killed in the First World War they all lived to a reasonable age.

Thomas Frederick Rowson was a Market Gardener at West Torrington which is about three miles from Bleasby Moor where Fred & Lizzie went to live and the Rowson family owned The Nurseries at West Torrington where Thomas Frederick lived, The Gardens where one of his brothers lived, and which eventually passed to Herbert Rowson. When Floral Farm was sold Fred moved to Louth where he lived until he died.
I do remember meeting Uncle Fred as a child but I think that Elizabeth died around 1940. He did remarry - and his second wife was called Hilda.


[NF423] From Jill Dales
Elizabeth Ann Labrom married Frederick William Rowson at Walthamstow Parish Church on 26 December 1904.
He was 25 years old and described as a Waterproofer living at 17 Woodville Road, the son of Thomas Frederick Rowson, Nurseryman.

She was 21 years old living at 30 Woodville Road the daughter of William Labrom, Printer.
The witnesses were William Labron and Walter Charles Warden.

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